Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mystery Person

This week I am sure I will win. Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nate, how did you do that? He was not necessarily one of the bigger names in WWI?

    Good job!

  2. Aw, c'mon...didn't Nate just make that name up??

  3. Looking at him, he's wearing an Iron Cross and his shoulder braidwork indicates that he's a German general. He's also wearing a fuzzy fez, so I figured he's probably doing something in the Ottoman Empire.

    I started googling things like "German Army Ottoman Empire WWI." I finally stumbled upon a Wikipedia entry for "German Caucasus Expedition" and there his picture was.

    Thanks for your postings. I'll have to brush up more on this theater of the war. Most of my reading has been on the Allied invasion at Gallipoli.

    If you're so inclined, I'm happy to continue the photo fun later at

  4. Oh, and thanks Danny and DAG. Flartus, your comment about made up names made me chuckle - tell me, just what exactly is a Flartus anyway?

  5. Well Done, Nate! I don't know anything about war history, but I too thought he was a German general by the Iron Cross. While Googling German/Russian generals, I came across an article on the Ottoman Empire and knew the answer was there someplace but couldn't locate the right name. This is the first time I have been this close with the Mystery Person!! Kudos to you for finding the right person!

  6. Nate, I'm always glad to make someone chuckle. Flartus was the nickname of a family dog, and also very useful as a user ID when all the others seem to be claimed already!

  7. Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein

  8. Nice deduction! There are a few films about this period--Gallipoli and Lawrence of Arabia, of course, and also The Lighthorsmen

  9. This guy looks sinister. He also looks like the director on Sunset Blvd. He even looks like a character on Bullwinkle.

  10. I have a very long old pic of military going off to war - with
    "Photo by Hollady"
    Newport News, VA
    My husbands grandpa was in the pic. World War 1

    Any clues of worth?


  11. @Nate: You might be interested, then, in Eden to Armageddon, by Roger Ford.

    It's essentially a history of WWI on the Middle Eastern front, including the Caucasus.