Thursday, October 28, 2010

George Cochon

Today we feature a picture of George Cochon. He was a leading anarchist in Paris in the late 1800's. I can tell from the comments that some of you are growing weary of Anarchy Week here at OPOD. To that I respond, if I had to suffer through poetry week, you can suffer through anarchy week.

I found it interesting that we had even more anarchist speak up yesterday in the comments. It makes me wonder, are there anarchist who are daily readers of this site, or do they just search the WEB for anarchist discussions to join in on. Either thing would be fine, it is just I am curious.

OK, yesterday I presented the hypothetical situation of my real friend Matt, and how he would conduct himself in an anarchist society, and I suggested that he would loot and pillage hapless anarchy book stores and coffee shops. The anarchists responded, in effect, that anarchists are not necessarily pacifists, and nothing in the anarchist creed would preclude them from organizing, arming themselves, selecting leaders, and defending their coffee shops and bookstores.

So, lets consider this for a moment. To keep things simple, lets say their little group has 10 people in it. For arguments sake lets say they put 40% of their people to work associated with the bookstore (culture), 40% of their resources to work associated with the coffee shop (food) and 20% of their people to work on defense of the little society (defense). Well, Matt can easily recruit a like number of rednecks into his little band of raiders, plunderers and pillagers. In this group though, 100% of resources are put into military training and arms making. They don't have to worry about wasting time on farming or that sort of stuff because they take what they need in raids. Now, when Matt and the Raiders go to war with Mr. Lemuria and the anarchist coffer shop and book store owners/patrons, well, it will be a massacre. For a real world analogy to this, consider Bill Quantrill's raid on Lawrence Kansas.

The sad fact is that it is easier to burn down a coffee shop than it is to build a coffee shop. People that spend their time building coffee shops can not adequately prepare to defend them against people who do nothing but raid, rob, and pillage. The sad fact is that we need government to provide the rule of law, and defense of individual rights. 


  1. shalom PJM please follow my Israel blog and leave me a comment,
    this is not cool but I'm no 666 to follow your blog.
    Lord Yeshua is my LORD Daddy Messiah and I will not fear and because of that maybe more will now follow as they would not due to it being 665!
    may our God so bless you Brother George,

  2. how did you get so many people viewing your site?

  3. "people who do nothing but raid, rob, and pillage"

    That's the definition of THE STATE.

    At best, you are defending a protection racket.

    "Anarchist" is such a harsh term. Call us the "unindoctrinated"; and yes, we live quietly in your neighborhood.


  4. Historically, I always thought that anarchists were simply people who wanted a decentralized government, and cities and regions to be self-governing.

    Sorta like the tea party wants now in some ways.

    It was the anarchist's methodology which was distasteful.

  5. This is a great site. I've been following it for about a year but never commented. One of the silent majority I suppose, love all the old pics, the first thing I do when I get to work in the morn. is check out the old pic of the day. It's become a ritual, like that first cup of joe. In regards to the subject at hand... whenever I see an anarchist protest it's usually so called students fighting the establishment. What are they going to do when they get out of school? Do they look for jobs and become business people? I don't get the whole concept.

  6. Dave:

    I don't get it, either. Things change when you grow up and have responsibilities.

    I look back on the '60s and laugh.

    Today's subject has droopy eyes and some heavy-duty eyebrow action going there.

  7. Is this one of JRR Tolkein's "whiskered men with bombs?"

    PJM, I think it's great that you can host a political discussion without a whole lot of name-calling. Some of us might learn something if you keep this up. ;)

    Of course, I am partial to dog pictures, old farm equipment and the like, too.

  8. For a modern example of syndicalism (a movement associated with anarchism during the Spanish civil war) see "The Take".
    A documentary about factory workers seizing the means of production in Argentina. Much more interesting than it sounds.

  9. I think you'd be angry at authority figures too if your mother made you wear a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit like this poor guy today.

  10. Hey, I suffered through poetry week, too!

  11. Also, good one Nate. I went back and looked, and you're right.


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