Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tough Guy week continues with this photograph from 1918. It shows John Pohl, a famous wrestler of the day. I wonder when wrestling became all fake? I can remember back in the 60 it was pure "entertainment" and all fake. I wonder if the same was true in the late 1800's or early 1900's.


  1. In Europe the wrestling is still real sport, there's indeed fake "American wrestling" too, but the majority is real.

    One format of it is Greece-Roman wrestling.

    Band was playing in a dance hall, and one guy among the audience come several times saying to the musicians: - Hey play Latinamerican, play Latinamerican...

    Then the leader told him: - Now just get away, or you will get some Greece-Roman.

  2. I fully agree with you. I remember when I was on the high school wrestling team in the very early sixties, watching the little screen TV wrestling. They did a good job of faking it, but it was very easy to tell it was fake.
    When I got an opponent down, I didn't strut around and wait for him to strike back. I was on him like a cat on a mouse
    All that strutting and posing is just for the fans that can stand to watch it.
    Really no different than watching a Western at the movie.

  3. It's easy to tell that these tough guys came from a different era. Most of them re-define the term "pasty-white".

    And some of them look less than ripped. Guess as someone else pointed out--then it was muscle, now it's steroids.

    Nevertheless, I've never met an old photo I didn't like! Thanks PJM!

  4. As a woman, I find these old muscle mmen much more attractive than today's over-built bodies. Some of them are absolutely embarressing!

  5. Well, this guy certainly isn’t as cute as yesterday’s. I would think that the hairdo and moustache get in the way. It’s interesting to see the difference in bodybuilding when steroids aren’t involved (I’m assuming stuff like that didn’t go on back then).

    I LOVE “real” wrestling, which was very popular when I was in high school and college, and I believe that it still is. I still like to watch high school and college wrestling matches.

    Here in Rhode Island we currently have a female high school wrestler, who pounds all of the boys right into the mat and has won two state championships. Her name is Katelyn Bouyssou, and you can check her out on YouTube winning the Middle School state championship. Just watch the boy when she pins him, it’s a riot. Of course, it helps that she is a national Judo champion, has won gold medals in the Junior Olympics, and has been featured in “Sports Illustrated,” but it’s really funny to see. She wipes everyone out - these poor guys don’t stand a chance with her! I think she only weighs about 110 pounds or so.

    Watching her sort of reminds me of “Vision Quest” with Matthew Modine, one of my favorite ‘80s movies (and it has the best soundtrack)!

  6. I had the same reaction, SmartGirl. They look like they have real muscles and have had no help from drugs or chemicals. Its like the women of the previous weeks' pictures: no 'boob jobs" or botox injetions. They look so nice 'au natural' !

  7. Wrestling (not high school nor college) was a very popular sport in early 20th century in America (as was harness racing). It attracted huge crowds of people and had national champions in different weight division much like today's boxing. Unfortunately, corruption and fixed matches soured the public on it and it evolved into today's fake wrestling. Our kids were involved in USA wrestling (the youngest since he was six) and there are two styles - freestyle and Greco-Roman. The US Olympic Champion in Greco Roman came from Wyoming - Rulon Gardner. A lot of kids are involved in USA Wrestling.

  8. I do like the cool mustaches they wore back then. He looks "bully".

  9. The style of Mustache is purly from INDIA; this style was very common during King rule in India even today the military person carry this style;There is saying that Mustache must be of this style (moving upward)otherwise you should not have one.

  10. My late Father in Law was a wrestling promoter in the 1950's and 1960's..most of it was a show..and depending on the personalities involved..a good show at that:)


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