Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ponies on Atlantic City Beach

Today's picture is from 1900, and it shows some children with ponies on the beach. The picture was taken in Atlantic City. Actually, I had intended for last week to be "Pony" week, but then got side tracked with all the interesting material from Coney Island. So, this week WILL be Pony Week.

Domestic Update:

I have been having lots of fun with the little tractor. Basically, I am using it to try and improve the property areound the house. I have been taking out some of the brush and cactus, and trying to get it where the native grass will come in. The tractor works great, and I can't see how I got along without it.


  1. Have you let Mrs. PJM drive your new tractor yet?
    Have you planted anything in your green house yet?
    If so how are thing growing?
    What have you planted, or plan to plant?

    When I became manager of a large mobile park there was a large area that the former mgr. didn't keep mowed and the weed had taken over and was killing the grass. So when spring came I was out there more once a week mowing down the weeds. Now the grass is the tougher plant and pretty well keeps the weeds down, but the weeds keep trying to make a come back. As long as you keep the weeds and brush mowed down the grass will thrive.

  2. Roger,
    I took Mrs. PJM for a ride on the tractor . . . she loved it. I have really cleared a lot of property with it in the last week, and the place is looking very nice.

    I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, squash, jalapenos, bell peppers, lettuce, and spinach in the greenhouse. It has all come up and is looking good, but no produce yet.

    I am still waiting on the plumber and electrician to finish the greenhouse . . . mainly get the water heater and furnace hooked up.

  3. There can never be enough pictures of ponies. I drove mypony in a sulky like that in the 70's.
    Also, (Meredith!) check out for lots of people and their ponies.

  4. What did Mrs. PJM say about the tractor?