Friday, September 24, 2010

Ponies at Atlantic City

Today's picture is from around 1900, and it shows the beach at Atlantic City. Maybe someone can help me, but I think that a pony is pulling the little cart, and the other three are burrows. This will wrap up Pony Week. Hope you all enjoyed it, and hope you will tune in for the Mystery Person Contest in the morning.


  1. A burro is a small donkey but the word is of Spanish origin and used more frequently in the southwest so most likely these East Coast critters would have been called donkeys.

  2. The one on the left seems to be a mule -- a cross between donkey and horse.

    Donkeys are burros, the difference being only English vs Spanish names.

  3. The one on the left is a pony. look at its feet and mane. Mules have feet the same size as donkeys and manes that stick almost straight up.

  4. @Downtown Indy: I'm not convinced PJM's burro aka pony is actually a mule as the ears don't seem long enough for a mule.

    I was reminded that a female donkey is called "jennet" or "jenny" and a male donkey is called "jack" (thus "jackass").

    In WWI an ANZAC a stretcher bearer named John Simpson used a donkey to move wounded British Empire soldiers in the Gallipoli Campaign. You can see the statue in Canberra honouring him and the donkey here and here.

  5. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biogrpahy has a nice podcast about "The Man with the donkey":

    A burrow is what a rabbit lives in. Burro is just spanish for donkey, but out west we usually think of a burro as a small tough donkey of indiscrimate breeding (like the feral donkeys one can adopt from the BLM). And a donkey or jackass and better bred for work and riding but that's just a generalization. That's a pony in the picture at the left. He looks tired and probably needs a drink of water. The donkeys look kind of exasperated too. Life on a rent string was probably very unpleasant back then. It varies these days too, but there many more animal rights laws to help.
    This has actually been shetland pony week, with a few donkeys at the end.

  6. I don't care what they are those women should dismount. They are too big to be riding those creatures..look at their ears ..they are unhappy:(

  7. The woman don't look that heavy for the donkeys, which are pretty strong. The worse problem would be overwork on a hot day without sufficient rest and refreshment. That's very likely the problem in those days. The pony looks distessed to me, the donkeys not much. It's probably a hot day, I feel really sorry for the animals.


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