Monday, September 6, 2010

Muscle Man

OK, it is only Monday, and I am already finding myself ready for this week of pictures to be over. I am wondering how I could have ever picked the topic of "Tough Guys" for a week of pictures. Why did I not just go with my instincts and have the theme be "Small Women in Fancy Hats" or something like that? Anyway, bare with me, we have only four pictures to go this week.


Yesterday I mentioned that I bought two cases of Hatch Green Chiles, and had them roasted. When we lived in New Mexico, this time of year there would be Chili Roasters on every corner. There is nothing like the smell of roasting chiles. Here in West Texas, there is usually one weekend the grocery stores will bring in a Chili Roaster and a truck of Chiles from Hatch, New Mexico. Yesterday was the day, and I loaded up. 

Someone asked me to post a picture. Understand that the Chiles are roasted at very high temperature. It burns the waxy skin, and then the burnt skin is pulled off before cooking it, and you are left with the pretty green chili. This is what the Chiles look like when they come out of the roaster.

The Chiles are frozen in zip lock bags just like this. Then throughout the year, you have green chiles. We freeze them with the burnt skin on them, and then take the skin off later, right before using them in a recipe.

We use Green Chiles in everything. Mrs. PJM has a Green Chile Soup that is unbelievable. We also put them on our hamburgers. They are great on scrambled eggs, and they make a spectacular salsa.

In fact, I am having one now on my Victory Breakfast Sandwich, which is made with fresh Chickie Town eggs, home cured Canadian Bacon, real cheddar cheese, and of course, Hatch Green Chiles.


  1. I see he has mastered the technique of wearing a fig leaf without suspenders.

  2. OK, we are 'bare'ing with you, though, I, personally am looking forward to next week.

    Feedback from my family: 'Hee hee, DISGUSTING!' (14-year-old daughter) 'Wow, COOL!' (8-year-old son).

    Having been born in the Land of Enchantment, I'm glad to see you decided to use the New Mexico spelling for those Hatch 'Chiles.' Hope your family enjoys them.

    Thanks for the interesting photos.

  3. I appreciate "muscle" man vs. today's "steroid" man. The superhero boots are a nice touch, though.

  4. Sorry, PJM, when you said "tough-guy" I thought more along the lines of Jimmy Cagney than the body builders shown so far.

    Anonymous, Chile is a plant, chili is a powdered mixture of spices.

    When growing up in Wyoming, the CPAs where my Dad worked would rotate Saturday dinners. I always looked forward to dinner at the Sanchez'. Then when I went to work in Houston, I thought, "Great. I can get good Mexican food anytime I want it." That's when I learned what Tex-Mex was. Then I got sent to a seminar in Santa Fe and it all became clear. I am a Green Chile Stew addict.

  5. Chiles from Hatch are spectacular! I found some in my market last week. I have to roast them at home myself which can't be as good as the roasters, but the whole house smells sooo good when I make them.

  6. Our son & his wife in Austin just spent 2 hours peeling their Hatch Chiles before freezing.....their hands are still burning.

  7. Judi,
    We like to freeze ours with the skin on. Then the chiles absorb that "roasted" flavor even more. Then when we take them out of the freezer, we slide the burnt skin off.

    This also makes it a lot easier on the day you freeze them.

  8. Yum!

    Thanks for the update.

  9. Your breakfast looks great.
    If your sharing I'll be right over.

    It looks ike your tough guy is wear some kind of trunks with the fig leaf on the front.

  10. back in my home town in colorado, the have a chile and frijole fest,,
    brings in the thousands,,you can smell the roasters all over town,,
    no such luck in indiana tho,
    ill just use my grill and see how many neighbors i attract, lol,,!

  11. Fantastic looking chilies and that victory breakfast looks delicious!

    Do all the tough guys have to be body builders? Maybe you could feature some tough guys you admire. :)

  12. HOLY SMOKES! Smokin' hot guy AND smokin' hot peppers. Excellent combo.

  13. I'll stop being 'anonymous' once I figure out to make an identity for myself--maybe after the term exams are over (school's been in session over here in India since June 1st). Have you ever had a Mesilla Valley flat enchilada? How about those Mesilla Valley pecans?

    I wish I could send you the late 19th century photos of the old abandoned stone capital city of Vijayanagar (South India) taken by a British army doctor. I saw an exhibition of those prints last year, and they were just superb--so sharp and clear. However, I don't own the copyright for them or even any copies!

    Thanks for continuing to share your extensive collection with us.

    Have you done a "Gibson Girl" week?

  14. This guy was ripped, he looks better than a lot of the ones on steriods today!!

  15. there is nothing like a fantastic green chile. where i am now they have the thimble sized cans all labelled "mild", which is just plain insulting.
    very jealous of you.


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