Friday, September 10, 2010

George La Blanche

Today we feature a picture from 1885 of undefeated lightweight prizefighting champion George La Blanche. We won 37 matches. However, by 1900 he had fallen on hard times, and was down to rolling drunks for money. In 1903 he was convicted of larceny in Maine and thrown in prison.


  1. To bad.
    You would think if he was a prize fighter, which means he boxed for money. And he went undefeated, that he would have had plenty of money.
    But I suppose he is like a lot of people, didn't know how to save for his future or trusted some one that took advantage of him. Or a combination of both.

  2. @Roger, I was thinking the same - and also wondering just how large the prizes were, in any case.

    There's an article in the NY Times about his arrest in Bangor, Maine. Apparently he attributed his "downfall" to liquor.

  3. There you go, "Lives of the rich and famous".
    Who knows what turned into an drinker. Maybe pain from his fights, or boredom.
    Yes many a good person goes bad when they get into liquor and drugs.

  4. Compared to the previous pugilist, his face looks relatively unmarked - guess he WAS undefeated...

  5. I agree, too bad. I wonder if wearing those tights had anything to do with it?