Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contest Day!

Let the Game Begin!


  1. Forgot to add she was a spy for the Soviet Union.

  2. DAG,
    Very good . . . I am surprised it was that easy.

    Elizabeth Bentley, soviet spy.

  3. OPOD LISTED 604CDT, I looked in at 807MST. PJM hadn't responded,but the picture is on google.
    Good job DAG

  4. Hey! No fair! Just got back from a wonderful, albeit soggy, stay in Port Aransas / Corpus Christi / Kingsville area. Soooo looking forward to the Mystery Person contest to ease the bittersweet end of a vacation. Eagerly crawl out of bed, ready to participate, and it's already over! Phooey!

    But congrats nonetheless to DAG. Good work!

  5. I'm depressed. Pony week is Over! boo hoo. :)

  6. Nice job Dag.

    Was she one of the "atomic" spies?

  7. Working nights means I usually hit lullaby land before PJM posts. I was fortunate that I had seen her photo before and recalled the spy connection. Sometimes being lucky pays off.
    Sorry to keep that big breakfast away from you PJM. It's Ok with me if you have one anyways.
    Thank you everyone.


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