Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boxing Match

Today's picture is from the early 1900's, and shows a prize fight. One fighter and the announcer can be seen, and a large crown in the background.


  1. Does anyone know if the announcer is introducing the boxer or if he is announcing him as the winner?

  2. where is everyone , its lonely in here

  3. where is everyone , its lonely in here

  4. The entire scene looks brutal and nasty to me.

    From the exhausted and tortured expression on the fighter’s face as well as everyone else’s (and the wrappings on his hands), I would say the subject is being announced as the winner. Maybe the other fighter was in the corner behind the photographer or has been carried out of the ring.

    I find the size of the crowd surprising. From looking at the background in the picture, I wonder if it was taken in a rural locale where there wasn’t much else to do for entertainment. I don’t see any trees or buildings or much of anything at all!

    On a lighter note, once again we see the lack of boxing gloves or protective headgear. Also, there is an appalling absence of athletic support (and I’ll say no more). I don’t think any guy in his right mind would fight like that today!!

    And . . .I really like the “high-water” look of the poor guy on the right (with his hands on his hips) who has his suspenders and baggy pants hiked up to his chin. He must be getting ready for a flood.

  5. Love the announcer's Sunday best, pocket watch, walrus mustache and all.

    I'm with Smargirl, that fighter looks exhausted and uncomfortable. Perhaps it's the pants...

  6. This guy looks like he could whip all the other guys we've seen this week! Especially the boxer from yesterday.

  7. he looks like a real scrapper,,
    prolly seen his share of brawls,,

  8. this is a picture from the Jack Johnson v. Jim Jeffries fight, which was considered at the time the fight of the century and took place in 1910. Jack Johnson was the champ, and black. Jim Jeffries was the great white hope who came out of retirement to win back the belt from Johnson. It did not go well for Jeffries. He was knocked out by Johnson, who had to run from the ring in order that no harm would come to him.

    The fellow with Jeffries in the picture is John L. Sullivan, the bare knuckled champion of the 19th century. This was taken prior to the fight beginning when Sullivan was announced to the audience.

  9. If that high rise fashion would only come back, my husband's pant cuffs wouldn't get frayed so fast.

  10. OK. So the guy with no support lost the fight and the guy in the suit was a former fighter.

    But WHO was Mr. Baggy suspenders on the right?


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