Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bathers at Coney Island

Today's picture is from the early 1900's, and it shows bathers at Coney Island. As you can see, bathing fashions have changed over the last 100 years or so. 


  1. I would give anything to go back to simpler times like that again , they seem much happier than we are today.Everything is just too chaotic, we just cant relax anymore and have fun without another problem arising. I hope everyone has a wonderful day in spite of the global problems and have at least one happy thought today.

  2. You tlak about chaotic, that place is so crowded it would be hard to just find the water.

  3. my happy thought is Inez Saenz

  4. I wonder how many people drowned in those days because the wet swim suits would be so heavy?

  5. @Dan: I wonder if people actually swam a great deal at Coney or if they just played around in the water? Although a person can drown in 3 inches of water it also seems to me that despite the crowds around the water there doesn't seem to be many people IN the water (I wonder how cold it is)?

  6. Is the woman on the left (behind the man with a cigar) hiding her face from the camera? Then a few people behind her and to the right... what is that woman doing to that young man lying over her lap? Sewing him in his suit or.....?
    I always like looking at the fashions too.

  7. See extreme right foreground. Man with back to camera. The texture of his bathing attire leads me to believe it is made of wool. Just like a sweater. Hopefully he didn't go swimming.

  8. First of all, I wholeheartedly agree with the first poster (Anonymous).

    I, too, would give anything to go back to simpler times.

    Although they did not have most of our technology and medical science back then, I really think that people were happier. And my father (who is 95) tells me that, too.

    Today we are bombarded with WAY too much unecessary information - with 24 instant news coverage, we are blasted with every catastrophe the instant it occurs and the same news is repeated over and over.

    And we have all of the pundits and "experts" telling us how to live our lives.

    You can't do anything today without being told it isn't good for you - you can't go in the sun, smoke, drink, or eat too much.

    Everyone's kid has ADHD or a "learning disability," and political correctness rules our every gesture and word we say.

    And, despite all of the medial and information overload, we are actually more isolated. We don't know our neighbors, and kids don't even play outside any more.

    Everyone is too busy rushing around, and kids have scheduled sports and "play groups."

    And there are no more stay-at-home moms.

    I've had it - put me in the time machine!!

  9. Oh, my! Today's photo is nearly LEWD!
    There's actually some SKIN showing

  10. Anon/Lea:

    After reading your comments, I had to go back and look at the photo again.

    Re the woman behind the man with the cigar, it looks like ET's head is between them.

    I have no idea what the woman in the background is doing to the guy on her lap, but I think it has something to do with fixing his bathing suit.

    I had to use a magnifying glass to see her.

    BTW, my name is Lea, too, I thought I was the only one who had it - my mother made it up (or so she thought).

    And I've never seen it anywhere.

  11. Over here in India, a good number of lady swimmers wear costumes similar to the men's costumes shown here, but with an added skirt. Of course, with modern materials, the suits are much lighter than the old ones must have been.

    Nowadays, as people are realizing the dangers of UV radiation, I've noticed a small trend back toward swimwear that covers the torso. A good move, i'd say!
    --MynaMama (anonymous no more)

  12. My main comment would be "Thank you so much for sharing these pictures". I am searching for the earliest pictures ever taken. Enjoyable to see our past. Thank you!