Monday, September 20, 2010

Archie Roosevelt

Good Monday morning to you all. This week is "Pony" week here at OPOD, and we are pleased to feature this fine photograph of Archie Roosevelt. Archie was the son of Teddy Roosevelt. The picture was taken in 1903.


  1. Archie was a great American. Served in both World Wars in actual combat although his injuries in World war I necessitated him pulling a lot of strings to get back into the Army in World War II.

    TR was larger than life and certainly instilled some of his beliefs into his family.


    Congratulations on the tractor, btw--

  2. PJM:
    I noticed several clotheslines yesterday on a Sunday drive and got to thinking/wondered if you ever told us how Mrs. PJM liked her birthday gift. And how about a picture of the clothesline? Perhaps I just missed all that. Thanks.

  3. Very nice pony indeed. Looks like a stallion.

  4. I always wanted a pony when I was growing up.

    We lived in a city suburb though, and only really rich people had horses which were boarded elsewhere.

  5. The pony's name was Algonquin and it belonged to Quentin Roosevelt, the youngest. Once when Archie was sick (pneumonia, I think) Quentin snuck the pony to his brother's room in the White House to cheer him up. I've always loved that story and am so glad there are young children in the White House again, I think it gives the place some life.