Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marlene Dietrich

Good morning to you all, and this morning we feature this photograph of Marlene Dietrich. She was an actress famous for her glamor and good looks. She was the highest paid actress of the early 1900's and was performing all the way to the 1970's.

OK, so I made a mistake yesterday. I listed the name as "Blankhead" instead of "Bankhead". I did not do it on purpose, but given it was a picture of the Speaker of the House, and an actress, it is understandable that some of you might have thought I was trying to be funny. Anyway, I apologize for the error. I am pretty confident I have Marlene's name spelled correctly.


  1. Love her clothes. She was a great actress.

  2. charming without photoshop or surgery, almost impossible nowadays.

    We are waiting for the next poll!

  3. All those little wrinkles in her dress--that's something we don't see much nowadays with perma-press and blends.

  4. That dress does nothing for her hips except to make them look larger. It is quite a frock..especially with the fur trim on the jacket sleeves..I bet it was red!
    She was quite a lady in her day, ( lady is used loosely here) I often wonder how much of her life was rumor..JFK and her own bisexuality..and how much was hype.
    Those eyebrows are something else:)

  5. rumor has it that she had some teeth removed in order to make her cheeks look more hollow...no clue how much truth is in this but i absolutely adore her style :)

    cheers from a late night germany,

  6. Incredible actress and one who supported the troops during WWII with USO shows in Europe many right on the front. A few times they were almost overrun.

    As a former German the German staff would not have treated her kindly if captured

  7. Well I think Meeez Dietrich was/is very over rated.
    She couldn't sing, she doesn't sing she just talks to music if you listen carefully.
    Definately not a beauty at all.
    She dressed in men's clothes and tried to be sexy. Blah!

  8. Calling Dietrich "famous" is like calling Ben Franklin "a guy with a kite and a key".

  9. That's a really unflattering photo. Classy, perhaps, but unflattering.

    Here's a YouTube of her singing one of her signature songs (the song is from the 40s), along with a slide show of much better photos (from about the same era):

    Lili Marleen

    And another:

    Where Have All the Flowers Gone" - in German.

    Your last "Old Picture" - Bankhead - did a radio show for a while, and on at least one of them, Marlene was the guest:

    Marlene Dietrich and Tallulah Bankhead in "The Big Show"

    PS: It's "mar-lain-eh".