Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Howard Hughes

This picture was taken in 1938, and shows a young Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes made much of his fortune in the aerospace industry. In the 60's and 70's he was one of the richest men in the world. He did have some mental disorders that got progressively worse as he got older, and he was in pretty bad shape by the time he died.


  1. It is easy to cite all the bad and the problems that the Uber Rich have had.

    How about some examples of the rich doing good deeds and living good lives.

    I think they reason that people like to pick on the rich is because they are not rich, and they have to work hard for what they got.

    The Uber Rich got there in varies ways. Some inherited it, some worked very hard and some got the right break. Some stole it and cheated others out of, but they have to live with what they did.
    It is what they did with their wealth that counts, Did they do good with it or did they just give it to their kids to blow it on booze and drugs and get into trouble with the police.

    I don't begrudge anybody that has more money than me. It is theirs to do with as they see pleased. It just bothers me when they waste it. I mean who really needs a $250,000.00 car. I can see them have private jets. To them time is money. And some of them do waste a lot of money on boats, but like I said it is their money

    I'm not rich by am means, I' have worked hard for almost every thing I got. I did get one small inheritance. But I always kept my bills paid. No one ever came looking for money that I owed them. Never got a late notice in the mail. Pay off my credit card every month. We give a sizable chuck to United Fund every year. I'm 67 and still working, but plan to retire at the end on the year. Don't get me wrong, I wish I had more money to be able to help out ours kids some more. But nobody ever just gave me money because I was down and out. I work 3 jobs at times so that I never got down and out.
    I never wasted money on motorcycle, personal watercraft, RV and campers. I would drive rather that fly. My vacation were simple, like camping and fishing trip. I did go to Seven Flags one time.

    What gets me is people that owe money, but take vacations that they couldn't afford even if they did owe money. But the biggest waste of a person hard earned money is blowing it on drugs and booze and those grown up toys.

  2. Oh for cryin' out loud! You only live once and we all get to live like we want. I say a balanced life is what matters....not the money, not the toys, not even the work. Just balance.

  3. I remember when I was in school, one of my teachers said that Howard Hughes carried all the equipment with him in his airplane, so that if he were to die, he could immediately be frozen. That way, he could possibly be brought back to life if there were ever a cure for what killed him. Anyone else ever hear this?

  4. ROGER , it sounds like you need a vacation . how did you stay stress free all these years . you know you cant take it with you.

  5. I'm a person that always has a smile on my face. I have learned that if is not life or death , then things will get better. I don't hold a grudge, and what happened today is forgotten tomorrow. Some times is old age that makes me forget.
    But after my first wife I learned that if nobody was going get hurt or die from it, then it was all good.
    I have tons of friends that will help me when every I ask, because I do the same for them.
    But I don't keep track of the favors given, just the money or the tools.
    I find my fun when and where I can.
    But most of all I always have a smile on my face. I always try to find the happy side of things.
    And yes I could use a vacation

  6. Nice reply Roger. I totally agree.

  7. Happiness is not about money, it is about being content with what you have. Much of the advertising today is geared toward making us UN-happy by creating dis-satisfaction about something in our life. We are constantly told that we are too fat, or need this pill, or that our ipod is out of date (2 weeks old??). One of the richest men ever said:
    "Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is NEVER satisfied with his income"
    King David-Ecclesiastes

  8. Ordinary people--rich, poor or middle income--can and do suffer from mental diseases or addictions. We hear more about the troubles of the uber-rich.

  9. what I have never been able to understand is why the lesser rich bow down to the uber rich. Respect has to be earned and character qualities are far more important than huge amounts of money. Quite a lot of uber rich are self indulgent spoilt brats.
    I have learnt that happiness is a choice,and is not dependant on the size of the bank balance.
    But then being a friend of the Lord I guess I have a lot to be happy about, lol.

  10. Roger:

    You have a great attitude and approach, similar to my own. I, too try to keep things in perspective. I consider my self and my family very fortunate, even though we are not multi-millionaires. We are all subject to circumstances beyond our control.

    My interest in the unsettled lives of the industrial barons of the Gilded Age is merely based on my fascination with that particular historical era, as that was when my dad was born - 1915- which was right at the tail end.

    I love everything about it - the Industrial Revolution, the immigrants and Ellis Island, the clothes, the technological advances, the people, everything. And this is a passion that is easy to indulge in as we live less than 30 minutes from Newport, RI. We visit the mansions often; and it’s my daughter’s favorite activity (she’s 20). She would love to become curator of the Newport Preservation Society someday.

    On another note, Howard Hughes was a NASTY man and obviously disturbed.


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