Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hamburg Germany

Good Wednesday Morning to you all. Today, we feature a photograph showing ships in port in Hamburg, Germany. The photograph was taken in the late 1800's. It is a photochrom print, which was a very early version of color photography. 

I am enjoying these old sailing ships this week, and hope you are too. I notice that yesterday the Evil Nate Maas was able to identify the ship in the picture. I found it interesting that people found this so incredible, that many are beginning to question whether Nate is a real person, or a myth I created to keep the blog more interesting. People felt that NO ONE would be able to identify a random ship from a hundred years ago. It is interesting that it was Nate who proposed on Sunday that I was some sort of Evil Genius. Perhaps it was this very post that made people begin to think that I would create the Legend of the Evil Nate Maas. Now Nate will have to perform even more  magnificent feats in order to prove that he exists. Of course, as he does this, people will just think that my scheme is even more diabolical in producing such a mythical figure. So, the bottom line is I am effectively "Erasing" the Evil Nate Maas from existence. Ha ha ha, my little plan is working marvelously. Be sure to vote in this week's poll.


  1. Maybe they can get one or two more tall ships into that harbor. How can they move around in there with so many that close together.

    Well if you don't want to do banana cream pies at 10 pace, maybe then Boston crean pies at 5 paces. We have to get this duel set up and photos taken, then people will believe that there is a Evil Nate Maas.

  2. If PJM actually is Nate that would be the greatest hoax in the history of blogs!

  3. I was looking for more pictures of Hamburg when I found this account from the early 20th Century of Moraned, who was born on a sailing ship when it was docked in Hamburg.

  4. PJM, you invented the moniker, "the evil" NM, so indeed "the evil NM" is your perception.

    NM's long post a few days ago was over the top, though.

  5. Roger, it kind of looks like they're all parallel-parked along the sides of the harbor. This is a great illustration of a "forest of masts" I've seen described in many a novel of historical fiction.

    This would also be a great setting for a chase/fight scene between Our Hero and The Evil Nate.

  6. Yes, with swords, leaping or swinging from ship to ship. That would be the perfect duel for those two.
    But then what would we do for entertainment if either one got hurt or heaven forbid mortally wounded

  7. I still like the Boston Cream Pies at 5 paces.

  8. PJM, I feel deep down that you are the real person you claim to be, but I have doubts about the concept as Nate Maas as your alternate identity. It is concievable that Nate found the same picture of the ship with the identity attached, but I must wonder why you would post a picture and not know the name of the ship. Seems like there is a purpose in your approach to this situation.

    I am so confused and conflicted ...... Maybe an appointment with my psychologist is in order.


  9. Al,
    Yes, yes . . . I posted a picture that I did not know the name of so my alternative ego could provide the name.

    Hmmm . . . does Nate really exist. We may never know.

  10. How do we know that the Evil Nate Maas did not create PJM?

  11. It occurs to me that the 'evil Nate Maas' may well be his daughter hoaxing everyone! Consider for a moment the recent events with the sky-crane episode where she appeared in the yard and succeeded in persuading PJM to wait until someone who knew what they were doing arrived on the scene. And that's not the only event where she has put in an appearance to right a wrong.

    Also consider the fact that who else would have the access to his blog whilst PJM is out buying chick feed or whatever and be able to obtain the relevant answers and post them more often then not within minutes of the blog been posted. PJM's dear daughter may well be the one sitting up in her room chuckling to herself "hehehehehe"

    It would not be the first time a woman has been successful at industrial espionage. All I can say is "you Go Girl"