Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr Edward Wilson

Good Wednesday Morning to you! Today, we feature this picture of Dr. Edward Wilson, another member of the Terra Nova Antarctic Expedition. Dr. Wilson was one of the five members of the expedition to make the final trek to the South Pole. We have explained already that both Oates and Evans died on the return journey from the pole, leaving three members of the party, one of which was Wilson, trying to safely reach their supply depot. The reaming three were hampered by the fact that they were short of supplies, had fallen behind because of the issues with the two that had already died, and then they hit very bad weather. On March 20, a blizzard prevented them from making any more progress. We learn these details from Captain Scott's diary. His last diary entry was on March 29. It is presumed that the remaining three, including Wilson, died at about this time. They were about 11 miles from the supply depot they were trying to reach.

Domestic Update:
Most of you are aware that my long time Nemesis, the Evil Nate Maas has started his own blog. This desperate individual has now reduced himself to spewing libelous slander at me at that corrupt site, which he calls a blog. He twists facts around to make me look like some sort of paranoid, insecure man. I am officially calling for a world-wide boycott of his site, I notice some of you have already gone over to the dark side, and are actually participating in this attempt to destroy me. Please notice that he started this nonsense right as I had to go back to school, knowing I would be distracted from properly responding. Please realize that my call for a boycott is simply my opening salvo. There will be more, oh yes, there will be more, and he will Rue the Day he challenged me. Oh yes, he will Rue the Day. Game on!


  1. Such a sad affair the death of the whole party like that. It seems like every thing conspired against them. And maybe a little more forethought like moving the resupply depots a little closer together may have made a big difference

    You two guys are getting to funny.

    I still think Boston Cream Pies at 5 paces would end this feud once and for all.
    I think it should be televised on all the major network including ESPN. Or maybe a pay per view network. Heck I would pay up to 17 cents to watch it. Maybe if they added the wives in the mix I would go as high as 21 cents.

  2. You are honestly laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks for having such a great blog and sharing it with all of us.

  3. Sounds like you two need to kiss and make up

  4. furst uze starts alls this hyar fussn by ferst callin thet por fella evil, ah reckon. thars agunna be troubles fersher nuff. ah cun jess feels it.

  5. yu hush up der sisser. us all nos it dat udder boy what startd all dis fueden. dis hol ting gettin real ugly. i tink it gonna end bad.

  6. The Evil Nate Moss has seven followers..I am restraining myself from following him ..but maybe not for long:)

  7. pattylouKnowing you as I do, Nate has bitten of more than he can chew. At the surrender, I hold the guidon while you put him down. Should be exciting.

  8. Two questions about the photo...
    - What's on his face? It looks like some sort of coating
    (maybe an early anti-sunburn concoction).
    - His pants look shiny but thin. Any guesses on the material. Can't be leather or oilskin or nylon.
    These types of pictures help us appreciate the technology we have at our disposal.

  9. You are teeth baringly funny.
    This is one of my favorite blogs even if I don't comment daily.

    Thanks for brightening my days/nights.