Friday, July 2, 2010

Old Weatherford, Texas

We finish Market Week with this picture from the Weatherford Farmer's Market. The picture was taken in 1939. It looks like at this market, people sold from the back of their truck. I look for Farmer's Markets to make a bigger come back. The food is much better right out of the field, and it is a nicer shopping experience. 

Domestic Update:

OK, project greenhouse has pretty much been on hold this week. I am waiting to get the holes drilled for the ground stakes. It takes a big drilling truck, and the operator can't dig if it is raining, due to lightening risks. Well, it has rained all week. Living in dry West Texas, it almost never rains . . . until I try to build something. When we built out house, it was the rainiest summer on record. Perhaps the farmers should pay me to build things  . . . would guarantee them rain. I have pretty much done all I can until the holes get drilled. I have pretty much assembled all the heating and cooling components in the garage, so, I sit and wait for clear weather.


  1. I only see one guy selling anything, and he only has a few items in the back of his truck.
    But the town it self seems to be very busy. There isn't an empty parking area any where to be seen.

    I hope the weather lets up so you can get things going again. We had 95 and sunny and windy up here in Northern North Dakota yesterday. And it is suppose to get in the 90's again for at least the next 2 days

  2. I like how everyone is wearing some type of hat. Even the women has a babushka on.

    The nearest truck is a convertible too.

  3. My grandfather, grandmother and their nine kids used to make sorghum syrup from cane he grew. They would have a mule walk around a grinding stone while the sap ran into a kettle over a fire. They would put it in cans similar to the ones in the back of the truck. During the Depression they sold it for 10 cents a can.

  4. I love looking at the clothing in all of these old pictures soooo much! That one old gal in the center of the picture looks like she's wearing a sunbonnet! I didn't think anyone wore sunbonnets that late, but apparently I was mistaken.

    Would you consider doing a series on domestic life or something similar? Candid type pictures of folks inside their homes doing everyday sorts of things? I think that would be utterly fascinating☺

  5. Wanting no rain makes you the anti-farmer, doesn't it. Humm, about that tractor.......

  6. We have some very active & popular farmers' markets around here in Charlotte, NC. There are at least 3 markets in the area that operate year-round; we are very lucky here.

    Our favorite market requires the farmers themselves, or family members, be present to sell. So we get to know the people raising our food. And all products must be from within 50 miles of the market; every year the market organizes at least one "farm dinner" for customers to visit the ground they eat from.

    Besides produce, we can buy frozen beef, pork, chicken, goat's-milk cheeses, baked goods, mushrooms, chocolates...and the market has started collecting overflow produce from vendors & customers to donate to the needy.

    This market has become the center of our social life! So you can see, I've very much enjoyed this week's theme. Just wanted to let you know that markets are alive and thriving!

  7. every 1 have a great 4th, mine will be,im on vakashun,,lol

  8. Best photo of Market Week. I would love to be able to go back in time and spend a couple of hours looking around the Weatherford Hardware. Maybe pick up a new grubbing hoe.

  9. Would you please come visit Maryland? We haven't had any rain in a month - and temps in the upper 90s, to boot.


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