Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Special Announcement!

Mr. Handsome Jack and Ms. Elly May
Are proud to announce
The Hatching of
Jebediah , June Bug , and Johnny Walker
July 7, 2010

Two Hours Old!


  1. ..and an earthquake too?!
    This certainly is a momentous day.
    Congratulations to all.

  2. Congrats to Jack, Elly May and Aunt and Uncle PJM.

  3. Wow, big happenings at the manor today! Congrats!

  4. So, now we play fifty questions (well maybe six).
    Was Elly May the one that had a snake try to eat her eggs?
    How many eggs was she sitting on?
    Did she or Handsome Jack create a big fuss to draw your attention to the biog moment?
    How is Lovie reacting to the new chicks?
    What is Jack's reaction?
    Have the proud Grand Parents busted any buttons off the shirts yet?

  5. I guess I was so excited that I forgot to proof read my comments.
    I made two mistakes.
    1. should have been BIG moment, not biog moment.
    2.any buttons off THEIR shirts, not the shirts

  6. Roger,
    It was not Elly May's nest that the snake got into . . . it was the other nest.

    She was sitting on 4 eggs, and three hatched. I carefully cracked into the other egg . . . it was a dud, just a yolk, no chickie formed in there.

    No fuss to draw attention. I think they lay low for a few days, so at to not attract predators. I went out to her nest yesterday morning, and things were normal. Then went out late yesterday afternoon, and they were hatched. I caught the babies, and then she followed me. Let Lovie out of the peacock palace, put her babies in there, then she went in, and then I closed them up. Like to protect them in there till the babies are a little bigger.

    Lovie has strong mother instincts, and wanted back in the peacock palace as I am not sure she things Elly May will be a good enough mother. I did not let her back in. Elly May is taking care of the babies, but is not a doting mother like Lovie.

    Handsome Jack was very interested in the babies and stands outside the pen and watches them.

  7. I love these exciting times in the peacock palace! ;)

    Thank you, PJM, for sharing these stories in addition to your daily old picture blog.

  8. ahh..great additions to your gentemans farm! :)