Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mother and Baby

OK, the women have spoken, and for the most part, do not have fond memories of washing dishes in the sink. So, lets see if I can do better today. This picture was taken in 1912, and shows a mother kissing her baby. Hopefully you will have more pleasant memories of caring for your babies, but I can not be sure, as I thought you would have pleasant memories of washing dishes with your mother.

Domestic Update:

Well, I am sure you saw the big announcement yesterday that Elly May's babies hatched. They are a fine bunch of pea-chickies, and are all up and about. 

I also finally made some real progress on the greenhouse. The guy was able to come out and get the holes drilled for the grounding stakes. 

You can see Buddy getting his truck set up to drill the holes. I needed 18 holes, each 1 foot across and 3 foot deep. I live on a rock, so it takes pretty heft equipment to get holes that deep.

It pretty much took all day to get the holes drilled. Now, the next step is to get the grounding stakes concreted in the holes, and then the foundation can be poured. The concrete guy is having the rebar and other material delivered here today, so hopefully we will finally start making some progress.


  1. Is the mother the same lady as the seamstress from a few pitures back?

    I should have piped up yesterday about doing the dishes. There's no doubt dishwashers are wonderful devices. My mother used to have a small counter-top model (probably a baby bottle washer) that we would occasionally employ. Mostly washing dishes was a time for us kids to practice our multiplication and division tables with mom and dad, so the memories are fond but they're not of fun - and I'm glad our family had those times working together.

  2. PJM:

    This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful photos you have ever posted, and it’s definitely my favorite!!

    Having been brought up in the 1950s with a traditional stay-at-home mom, and having been home myself for the past several years, I LOVE this photos for week’s topic. When I gave up my professional job several years ago to take care of my mother until she passed away, I thought I’d eventually be bored staying at home. But the opposite is true - I’m busier now than I was at “work,” and I love it - even though I actually work harder. My husband was around for a rare day on Monday, and I gave him a list of things to do, and he couldn’t wait to get out of here on Tuesday, haha. But I’m in no rush to return to the daily grind.

    PS - sorry I’ve missed the blog for the past week, but my daughter had knee extensive surgery last week and I’ve been playing nurse and maid with no time to look at the computer.

  3. It looks like you are doing up the greenhouse just right..quite a project:)

  4. Is there anything better than fresh smelling baby with soft skin and sweet coos? (I ask as I hold my 2-month old.)

  5. Thank you for realizing you still don't know much about females. Loving a baby/child is much sweeter than being stuck in the hot kitchen washing dishes.

    Perhaps you and Buddy could find a solution to the Gulf problem.

  6. Oh how precious♥

    I love her hair too!


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