Friday, July 9, 2010

Clothes Line

We wrap up Domestic Activities week with this picture of a woman by a clothes line from the great depression. I have learned this week that women do not necessarily look back on these activities as the good old days. Mabelline went so far as to say that I do not understand women. Well, if that is the case, I should probably share my plans with you and ask for your advice. Mrs. PJM has a birthday coming up, and I am planning on getting her a clothes line. You see, clothes feel much better, and they have a special smell when dried in the sun. I am thinking a fancy, sturdy outdoor clothes line will be just the thing to up my standing as a Peach of a Husband.

Mabelline also went so far as to suggest that perhaps I should get together with Buddy, the guy that drilled the holes for me, and work on trying to solve the Gulf Oil spill, instead of trying to understand women. Well, I had  Buddy back out to discuss additional holes for Mrs. PJM's special birthday clothes line, and we decided to take Mabelline's challenge, and solve the Gulf clean up problem. Here is what we came up with. Simply require BP to buy spilled oil from ANYONE who brings it in. Require them to buy the spilled oil that people pick up for $500 a barrel. Can you imagine how that would spur the economy? Every Redneck in the south would go to the gulf, and start cleaning up oil. The first thing that would happen is all the KOA campgrounds within 150 miles of the coast would be filled as the Rednecks move their trailers in. Soon, there would be no more room in the trailer parks, and so some would have to start staying in hotels. This would not be a problem, as since they would have plenty of money from the oil they are selling BP. Also, they are not picky eaters and would have no problem eating seafood possibly tainted with oil and chemical dispersants. This would re-energize the shrimping and fishing industries in the area.

I think a guy with a shovel should be able to collect at least 2 barrels a day. Of course, the rednecks would quickly start rigging up contraptions to allow them to collect/skim more oil. This would further stimulate the economy as the hardware stores would be selling out of things like bailing wire, duct tape, PVC piping, lawnmower engines and so forth.

Now you might criticize my plan by saying some of the Rednecks would start cheating by selling BP all that old motor oil they have in their garages. Sure, that might happen, but I say that is the risk that a company takes when they cut corners, and create the worst environmental nightmare in history.


  1. Redneck Ingenuity made this country what it is today.

  2. I live in Wyoming and use my clothesline seven months of the year. In the winter the clothes freeze dry and then you have to bring them in and redry. Too much drying. I think the Mrs. would like a clothesline.

  3. Before you went too far with that clothesline idea for Mrs. PJM's birthday, I would try the idea out on her first. A clothesline for a woman's birthday isn't exactly what most women want!

    I do like the Redneck idea though. You do have better ideas than the president, maybe you should go to Washington and have a discussion with him! But I'm not sure how the Rednecks would like your idea??!

  4. Please do not get your wife a clothes line unless she ask for one. I think this could set you back on your quest to be a gentlemen farmer. I have used a clothes line. I do not look at it with fond memories of days when I would have to haul a heavy laundry basket with wet clothes to a line. Plus the dirt that comes in with the wind. It is cost efficient and that's about it. I'm thinking you are walking a fine line of ticking her off.

    These domestic chores have changed because they are hard and required. I am grateful for the advances we have made. I also look at these pictures and think. "Poor women". Oh and my mother and my grandma agree that it is a poor idea about the clothes line. Both these women still own a clothes line.

    However your thoughts on the oil spill might work. I would like to sell the buckets.

  5. Perhaps if I got Mrs. PJM a red wagon to go with the clothes line to make it easy to get the laundry basket in and out.

  6. But the EPA would have to run your idea through their bureaucracy and it would be 6 months to decide if it was 'safe' and/or 'effective.'

    It's a good thing they don't manage our doctors.

  7. Indy,
    The clothesline idea or project Redneck Cleanup?

  8. It's a rare wife who wants anything to do with work as a gift, be it her birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary. Tread carefully.

    Some years ago, a woman at our church allowed as how she'd really like a clothes dryer for her birthday. Her husband, bless him, went out and got the largest collapsable "clothes tree" he could find. Quite proud of himself, he was. It was a toss-up as to whether the delivery truck from Sears or the fellow from the undertaker would arrive at the house first!

    For what it's worth, I also much prefer the clothesline over my electric dryer. Clothes do smell better and last longer (that stuff in the lint filter is your underwear) and I use the line most of the time. I've been known to put my sheets in the freezer if it is raining or snowing, until I can hang them out.

  9. Hello PJM

    Love your posts.

    May I suggest a piece of expensive jewelry along with the outdoor clothesline.
    Then you would have a happy wife and clean clothes that smell like sunshine.

  10. Good idea on the oil clean up. And don't we fry our fish in oil anyway?
    I wish I had a clothesline to hang sheets and towels on. I used one when my kids were babies. I never mined folding diapers or towels. They always smelled so nice after hanging out in the warm sunshine all day.

  11. On the jewelry suggestion. Mrs. PJM is not really the jewelry type. One time I bought her a nice set of diamond stud ear rings, and a diamond necklace. While she appreciated the gift, I only saw her wear them once. So, Jewelry for the July 25th big event is probably not a good idea.

  12. Well, I don't know much about the oil spill and the fixin' thereof, but anyone who reads my blog can attest to the fact that I have a deep and abiding desire for my very own clothesline. It's actually kind of an obsession with me;-D If I had a feller and he put up a clothesline for me, he'd have earned himself... well, a mighty nice dinner, that's for sure. yeah.

    The woman in this photo obviously does not appreciate her good fortune at having a clothesline of her very own. Hmph!

  13. Excellent work gentlemen! I like the way you think.

    Clotheslines are something I appreciate. My mother and I are both clothesline snobs. There are certain rules and ways to hang a good line of clothes. I would appreciate a sturdy clothesline as a gift from my Farmer MacGregor. If Mrs. PJM would like something like that - go for it. Perhaps you would score points by having a nice bauble hanging from the line.

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  15. I remember my grandmother telling me about hanging cloths on a clothesline back when she was a young lady. You did not hang your feminine under garments where men could see them.

  16. PJM, Project Redneck... Although - evaporating detergent molecules sounds like something the EPA would like to put under a $10 million study. Let's not give them any ideas.

  17. I have come over from Tomato Soup Cake and have laughed myself silly! What a funny post as well as funny visitors!

    I was thrilled to see you live in West Texas. I live in Amarillo. I moved here almost 15 years ago and have fell in love with it so much. Oh how it would break my heart to ever have to leave this place.

    Are you close by? Maybe your Mrs could teach my daughter how to hang clothes correctly. I have tried but alas, she seems to have her own way about it.

    Thank you for letting me visit. I will be back again!

    Mrs. Damian Garcia - Ouida Gabriel

  18. Mrs. Damian Garcia,
    Amarillo?!? Is that not NORTH Texas? Almost half the state is west of Amarillo. Just kidding, we call Amarillo the pan handle down here in the real West Texas.

    Send your daughter on down for the summer. Not only will we teach her how to hang clothes, we will also get her going on moving rocks, mowing, and chopping prickly pear. It would be a summer camp she would never forget.

    OK, just kidding. Thanks for the comment, and hope you will check back often.

  19. I fear that if you give Mrs. PJM a clothesline for her birthday you can kiss that tractor goodbye. UNLESS you hang something really nice from it. Since she doesn't enjoy jewelry, perhaps tickets for a nice trip, books, music?

    I am reminded of the cement dinosaur my husband gave me one year.

  20. Mr. PJM,

    When I moved here I thought that Amarillo was North Texas. I still argue with my husband about it. I feel it is North but according to everyone else it is West. Since I was not born here in the Great State then people think I am dumber than nails as it is. Thank you for making a point. It was balm to my soul:)

    P.S. I have been reading old posts of yours. I just read about the pony that was in the kitchen. I laughed so hard I was crying. The snake, butane man and fire was funny too - now that all is well again! What a lovely blog you have!

    Mrs. Damian Garcia

  21. You gave me a great big laugh today. Thank you.

  22. been watching your blog for quite a while.
    just getting a chance now to say thank you so much for all the dozens of great photos i've seen.

    by the by, this;
    "Mabelline also went so far as to suggest that perhaps I should get together with Buddy, the guy that drilled the holes for me, and work on trying to solve the Gulf Oil spill, instead of trying to understand women."
    made me laugh out loud.
    ...although, I did think your solution was quite genius.
    use people's greed to clean up the environment?
    most excellent.

    thanks again!

    -ashley jewel t.

  23. Ashley,
    Thanks for your comment.

    Working on understanding women better. We will see how the Clothes Line works out.

  24. PJM, I'll paint a picture for your consideration before erecting the clothline.

    It is up and Mrs PJM is hanging the clothes duitifully in the nice warm sun thinking of how wonderful and considerate you are to her. Just as she finishes, Lovie or several of the younger birds approach and decide to jump/fly up and try to sit on the line with the clothes. About that time mother nature calls to the bird(s) as it often does and the birds leave a calling card(s) all over the laundry.

    Picture Mrs PJM's face when she goes out to take down the clothes and try to imagine the thoughts she will have for you. Probably not printable here.

    I suggest you look to other ways to ingraciate yourself to her. Buy her a nice new tractor maybe?

  25. PJM: I'm voting against that clothesline gift. It's a lot of work and although sheets do smell wonderful, towels return from a clothesline stiff and scratchy - not fluffy (despite what Elsie said). For that matter, so do 'unders'. Not to mention that shirts, pants & skirts all have to be ironed. Nothing comes off the line wrinklefree.
    My Sweet Baboo put a big eyescrew into the logs of our house and another into the electric pole and strung a wire between. It's perfect for the sheets (summer only), but not big enough to even think about the whole wash load.
    Another negative is birds flying over the clothes. YUK.
    No, I'm voting for that nice romantic overnight trip to Fredericksberg - you chauffeur and she gets to shop.
    A clothesline is not a birthday gift.

  26. I'm agreeing with a few of the earlier comments here: birds and clothes lines do not match.

    But you're no slouch, PJM, and I'm guessing you'd only be thinking clothesline if a certain someone directed your thoughts towards that goal. I'm sure it will be a success.

    /heads off to place bet with bookie

  27. I loved domestic week. You should have another one soon!

  28. Al,
    When I was thinking about getting peacocks, this ag guy told me about them, and then said, "Just understand, whatever you least want them on is what they will roost on." Well, for my house, what would be the one thing I would NOT want them on . . . the solar panels. Guess what, that is exactly where they go. I have found that I can train them. When I catch them out there, I go spray water on them. They appear to have learned not to roost there. I have an uneasy feeling when the greenhouse gets done, that will be their next favorite place to roost. Imagine that clear plexiglass would give a more detailed view than most people would want of their droppings on the top of the greenhouse.

  29. Judi,
    OK, there are lots of naysayers out there on the clothes line.

    What would be a more perfect birthday gift for the wife of a would-be gentleman farmer?

    If I threw in the little red wagon to get the clothes in and out, I think we might have a winner.

  30. You are quite fortunate that you do NOT live in Southern California. Believe it or not, clotheslines are actually outlawed here! One of my chores growing up was doing the laundry, and I always found the time I hung out the clothes to be good "thinking time". If your line is in disrepair I would think a good new clothes line and a handsome basket would be greatly appreciated.

  31. I have friends who throw their clothes across the barb wire fence. They dry, and the fence holds them like a clothes pin. Oh, maybe a little hole or two if the wind is blowing hard.

  32. Put me in the clothes line column, I also dream of a clothes line.

    Oil clean up idea genius!!

    I too only found you recently and now stop by everyday, Thanks you for the giggles and great pictures.


  33. Martha,
    It is good to hear that there are still some people around who would prefer the tried and true, economical, and green clothes line.

  34. I have asked and asked and asked my hubby for a clothesline! Some of my fondest memories are the time I could hang out clothes, have some time to myself, and know I was going to have fresh, clean, sun-sterilized laundry when it all dried. Not too fond of it during winter time, but. Maybe I'll get a clothesline for my birthday. Wouldn't mind a bit! ;)

  35. I love your idea of BP having to buy back their oil from anyone who brings them any collected from the spill zone. Unfortunately, Obama would probably impose an Oil Buy-Back Tax. Why was it British Petro drilling off our shores? Shouldn't we be drilling off our own shores? Regarding your great picture: Don't mess with pioneer women holding buckets.

  36. A bauble is a trinket.
    Hope you pick out something the Mrs. likes.

  37. PJM:

    I have many fond childhood memories of clothes drying on the line and my mother putting the up with the old wooden pins, which my dad still has in a basket on his porch.

    But I also remember hating having to put them out or take them down in the winter - sometimes the clothes would be frozen stiff!

    These days, no-one hangs clothese outside any more, we live in a suburb, and the air doesn't smell the same as it did when I was a kid.

    With respect to the clothesline idea, trust me, it might backfire, unless you combine it with another, more traditional gift.

    It could be interpreted as a hint on how to do housework. I'd be careful if I were you.

    In our law office, we used to work with a woman who was the primary breadwinner and health insurace provider for her family - her husband worked now and then at various part-time jobs.

    I'll never forget the year he gave her a new office chair for her birthday, because she had said the ones in the office hurt her back. So he bought her one of those ergonomic chairs and wheeled it into the office so she could be comfortable while SHE worked (and he rode around on his motorcycle).

    We were all horrified - how insulting!!

    We still tease her about it to this day.

  38. I love the redneck idea and want to move to Texas.

    I also love the woman in this photo - she resembles many of my relatives, even though I'm sure she's not related.


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