Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, a thunderstorm took out the power to the tower that beams me my internet signal. So, I do not have a connection at home, so cannot post a picture. This evening, the lights are not even back on on the tower, so might not be back up in the morning. I am making this post hiding in my neighbor's hedge bush. Gotta go before he gets the water hose after me again.


  1. Glad you and your family are OK PJM. We were worried about you.
    Be careful sneaking around your neighbours in the evening and hope they are having a late supper.
    I(we) all look forward to the next picture and update.


  2. wow mighty powerful neighbour's hedge

    thank you for the lovely peacock babies/chickie town movie...gorrrrjus

    Glad you ok

    Cheers Aussie Lady

  3. "I'm just looking for a lost chickie." -- PJM in the bushes

  4. DOWNTOWN INDY has the right idea.
    If your caught say you were looking for lost chickies.
    "And the reason I'm carrying my laptop is to be able to compare photo of her if I find her."

    Here's hoping that you are back up and running on your own real soon.


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