Tuesday, June 29, 2010

San Antonio Farmer's Market

Today's picture was taken in 1939, and shows a Farmer's Market in San Antonio Texas. The men are selling onions from the back of their truck.

I notice in looking at these old pictures that people used to be a lot thinner than they are today. I sometimes wonder if they were not getting enough to eat, or if they were just eating a lot healthier and working a lot harder.

Domestic Update:

Well, we had some excitement out in Chickie Town yesterday. I heard some honking and commotion out there, and Mrs. PJM went out to see what was going on. What she found was that a big Bull Snake had chased Elly May off her nest, and was trying to eat her eggs. I ran out with a grubbing hoe, and chopped the snakes head off. It took Elly May a while to settle down, but she did go back and sit on the nest. No eggs were damaged, but I am not sure how long she was off the nest, and whether the excitement caused any problems with the eggs. We will keep you posted.


  1. Well, if all they had to eat was onions, then that would sure explain it. I suppose they are selling them so that they can get something different to eat. ;)

  2. I'm sure it's both, eating healthier and hard work.
    Back in the 40's, 50's, etc., farmers would sell their fruits and vegetables along the road side. They tasted so much better than what you get at the stores now.

  3. As warm as it is now, I would think that she could be off the nest for awhile with out much problem.
    Just be happy that the snake didn't find the chicks first.
    How close is Lovie watching over the chicks?
    Do you think she would have more gumption than Elie as far taking on a large snake?
    And would Handsome Jack come to the rescue?

  4. Just last week there was news of a study showing average weight and waists of men and women had increased signficantly since the 70's - around 30 lbs and 10 nches for men as I recall.

    Similar, but smaller, increases for women during the same period.

  5. Lovie and the pea-chickies are still cooped up in the peacock palace, so they should be safe in there. I think that if Lovie had a snake come after her eggs she could have put up a big fight. Elly May is a little more of a loner, so the other peacocks were not out there trying to help her. She also has not been feeling well. So, we will have to wait and see what happens.

  6. Well, here is hoping that there are no more snakes to bother your happy family.
    Good thinking about putting them into the Palace.
    Are you planning to put the new chicks in the Palace if they do hatch out.
    If you do are you going to worry about Lovie pecking on them, or are you going to turn them out if that comes about

  7. Wow, snake stories seem to run in your family!

  8. What's a grubbing hoe?

  9. Mikel,
    What is a grubbing hoe? Oh my, don't tell me you have never used a grubbing hoe. It is like a large mining pick, but one side is flat, so if you hit something with it, it will cut it. It is used for grubbing up prickley pear or other thick tough growing items. Very hard work using a grubbing hoe.

  10. These folks are think because it was the Depression! I really like the slouchy pose though, and the cut of his trousers.

  11. What so you think his shirt says? Looks like Maynard, Harvard or Navaro (if the other 'r' is hidden).

    He doesn't look like a Harvard man. Being Texas, Navarro seems plausible.

  12. Sherry,
    I don't think they were thin because it was the Depression.

    I say this because my hubby had a 100 year old aunt who lived during the Depression. When hubby asked her "how were things during the depression", she said, "what depression?"

    Hubby thought she was getting senile, but she continued, "I worked the garden and walked to the well for water before the depression.....during the depression....and after the depression. On the farm it was the same life for me."

    But she also said that "it was the city folks who had it hard, because with no land to farm and no place to raise animals, they couldn't be self sufficient."

    So, I think it's the hard work and eating REAL food that kept them thin. We are friends with a lot of Mennonite people here in PA. Very hard working people! They live like it's the 1930's (farms, gardens, butchering, no cars, simple life...etc.) and all the men are thin and healthy.


  13. PJM, it sounds like you're describing a Mattock, which is different from a grubbing hoe.

  14. xoxoxoBruce is right about the mattock.

    I use to fight wild fires in the summer and we used mattocks, but to tell you the truth, we called them grubbing hoes.
    So, when you used the term grubbing hoe, a picture of a mattock popped into my head.

  15. We called them a pickaxe in the MidWest.

  16. Don't get too carried away killing black snakes. You know they also eat mice and rats, which I've heard are mighty fond of chicken food. I've also heard - but cannot swear - that a good sized rat can kill a baby chick.

  17. From what my mother and father told me, in one way they ate healthier (lots more vegetables) but I think the modern food police would run screaming out of the room if they knew how much of the old diet was fried, salty and sweet. And it's true that people were generally thinner but they worked much, much harder that we do now. My parents never lived in homes with running water or electricity until they were grown. Clothes were hand washed, they gardened and mostly sewed their own clothing.

    And too, all this constant harping on eating healthy just makes me crave a Hershey bar.


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