Friday, June 25, 2010

Russian Windmill

Today's windmill picture was taken near Omsk, in the Russian Federation. The picture was taken in 1885. I am not sure what the windmills were used for in this area. There is certainly not much vegetation in the area.


  1. It looks like they are in a fixed direction. So the wind has to come from one direction to get full use of it. Some of the other windmils are pointing in other directions.
    Maybe it is a milling station for grinding grain. It certainly has enough building there to be used for that.
    Can't say it is used for pumping water, no pipes or canals around.

  2. I believe thos poles are used to change the direction of the mill. They are in the Holland pictures too.

  3. I have really enjoyed "Windmill Week." When I was a kid in New Mexico, I loved listening to the sound of the windmill pumping at night. No other sound like it.

    The windmill opened up the West.

  4. OK, I'm sure you are right about the poles.
    I now Can see some more stakes in the ground around the area of the mill that those poles would go to.
    I guess the squareness of the mill gave me a false impression, and I didn't think the top could turn.

  5. Great week of photos. I like
    windmills, as a structure and the
    practical use for water.

    Reminds me of Don Quixote, charging
    the windmill thinking it a monster,
    in Cervantes's great book.

  6. Maybe there isn't much vegetation because the photo was taken during the cold season. Agriculturally, Omsk produces wheat and sunflowers, livestock, forest products. Ample water in the north and more arid in the south. Similar to Saskatchewan but colder.