Sunday, May 23, 2010


Welcome to Cat Week here at OPOD. We start the week with this picture of "Tige", the White House cat belonging to Mrs. Coolidge. In 1924, the cat went missing. An All Points Bulletin was put out on the radio stations, and the cat was found at the Navy Department. The cat was found by Benjamin Fink, a guard at the Navy Department, and he is shown above returning the cat.

Domestic Update:

Lovie continues to terrorize that one little chickie. On Thursday, I saw the chickie attempt a "Jail Break". I heard some commotion out in Chickie Town, looked out, and saw Ain't Gina bolting from the coop. Right behind her was Lovie. Lovie chased her around Chickie Town, then around our yard, and finally into the brush. The Ain't Gina finally gave up, and went back into the coop with Lovie, and sat in the nesting box.

The poll results were evenly split on what to do, with a very slight advantage going towards leaving things like they are. Mrs. PJM was not willing to wait for the polls to close, and took matters into her own hands. She went out, opened the coop, got Lovie and moved her to the Peacock Palace. Then she got the eggs and moved them over and made a little nest. Lovie became very distresses, and just looked out the window honking and screeching. She did not recognize the eggs on the nest as hers, and would not sit on them. So, Mrs. PJM went back out to the peacock palace, caught Lovie, and put her back in the Chickie Coop. She moved the eggs back, and then Lovie got back on them. So, at this point, I am not sure what the expectations should be related to whether the eggs will hatch or not.


  1. I had no idea that fowl politics were so complicated.

  2. How is Ain't Gina surviving? When does she get to eat and drink? Is she laying any eggs in her stressed out condition?
    Is egg production still down?
    Are you finding any eggs outside of the coop?
    Your faithfull reader want to know.

  3. R.
    Ain't Gina is appearing quiet stressed. I also noticed a number of scabs on the comb on her head, from the peacocks getting after her. She is sitting in the laying box, but is not laying eggs. If I reach in and take her out, she runs back in, as she is fearful the peacocks will get after her.

    It really appears that the peacocks are holding her hostage. I hope that she can hold out until the peacock eggs hatch, and hopefully things can return to normal. At that point, we can move Lovie and the Pea-chickies to the peacock palace.

  4. Maybe you ought to take poor Ain't Gina and put her on your porch or something until the peafowl hatch.

  5. Can't you glean some advice from your local feed store?

  6. I've never posted here before but love the old photos and am continually intrigued/amused by the domestic reports.
    My sympathies are totally with the chickies and I offer the following for consideration:

    Just a thought....:)

  7. Anon,
    Thank you for the link, and yes, I am getting close. The peacocks constantly try and roost on the solar panels, and I have to run out and chase them off. I was in the garage this afternoon repairing the lawn mower, and looked up, and they were all on my car, watching me. Peacock poo is terrible stuff and will ruin car paint.

    I do like the noise they make. Very charming in my mind, and they are beautiful birds, but the chickies in the end are productive, and better pets.

  8. Here is a thought.
    I wonder why she gave them away to you, Lovie and the chick and then Handsome Jack. Maybe she was having the same problems you are now talking about.

    So if you are going to try anon idea, make sure you do them all, and then invite all your blog fans.

    You can record their call and play it back when you feel the need.

  9. I was just wondering what you will do with an ever increasing batch of peacocks. Great suggestion, Anon. I'm always up for a free feed, and the girls and I will be in Texas in September. :- )

  10. Today's comments have definitely taken a dark turn.

    That said... Peacock, yum!

  11. Awwww chickens are so endearing arn't they,the nature of the comments says it all.

    Never had roast peacock,what do they taste like ?

    I can fully understand poor Mrs PJM's distress, her friends who recieve free eggs will be wondering if they have lost favour .

    Could you perhaps lock Ain't Gina in the peacock palace for some R&R.

    I read ur blog everyday, old pics are great but simply love the chickie town updates lol....

    Cheers Aussie Lady