Sunday, May 30, 2010

Surprise Mystery Person Contest

This morning I am going to shake things up by having a surprise mystery person contest. You have to identify this woman. Let the contest begin!

Domestic Update: The Peacocks have Landed!

To all you nay-sayers out there who felt Handsome did not get the job done, I say Ha! We have new baby peacocks! I went out yesterday and found two of the eggs have hatched. Little Rufus and Peggy Sue are doing well. The new arrivals have generated much excitement in Chickie Town. Lovie is getting more help than she needs from the Chickies, who are right in the middle of things. They all want babies now too. Lovie is busy with the remainder of her eggs, so Honey has sort of adopted little Rufus. He follows here around the coop, and he is the apple of her eye. Another chickie got in the laying box, and sits and rolls the fake egg. Another went and built a new nest in the corner and laid an egg. They all have their Mamma juices flowing, but short a rooster, I fear their efforts will be in vain. Perhaps Lovie will let them share in the joy of raising the babies.

Right now, two of the eggs have hatched, but in checking this morning, Lovie was on the nest, and the babies, so I could not see if any more eggs had hatched. There was one egg yesterday that tried to hatch, but the little feller inside just finally gave up, and in the end did not make it. So, we have two looking good, and two more eggs that might hatch today. Video of the festivities is attached below.


  1. Lili Langtry? Good weekend to be in Big Bend National Park!

  2. Congratulations! Nice video. What happens when a peacock-baby is educated by a chicken?

    Is it Jane van Middlesworth Bellis Sousa (wife of John Philip Sousa)?

  3. Rob,
    You are correct. I had thought that no one would get this one.

    It is, Mrs. John Philip Sousa!

    When I was a little boy, we hatched some peacocks under Bannie chickens (the little tiny chickens). Peacocks grew up thinking the Bannies were there mammas. Things appeared to turn out OK.

  4. I bet it's the little "peep peep peep" that's driving the Chickies nuts. Guess that's a good remedy for folks who want their hens to go broody--buy a couple of ready-made chicks.

    Is Handsome strutting even more proudly than usual?

  5. Handsome is running around real fast in circles around Chickie Town. Very strange, but perhaps he is on guard duty watching for snakes or varmits. The other peacocks go in and look at the babies, but it is the chickies that are the most excited.

    No new news. The other two eggs have not hatched.

  6. Congratulations and happy mothers' day to Lovie.

  7. P.J.M. you have to let the hens raise babies, that is thier job.
    They are not concened about egg production.They just want to reproduce to keep the line going.
    Keep their kids and grandkids comimg on.

  8. Well Mr PJM great success in Chickie Town, congratulations.

    Been surfing your archives and am most impressed.

    Your birthday is on the horizon so I guess we will be seeing pics of your new tractor shortly.

    After all a peach of a husband deserves no less.

    Cheers Aussie Lady

  9. Speaking of tractors, I don't remember if you are aiming for a full-size tractor or a compact. The reason the question comes up is that the June/July issue of Mother Earth News has a spread on compact tractors.
    Left out in a strategic position, Mrs. PJM might be swayed by the pretty pictures and thoughtful dialogue.

  10. Did Lovie let Ain't Gina get off her nest now, or is she beiong held hostage?

  11. That is suppose to be
    being held hostage. My big fingers sometimes adds a letter to words.

  12. Thank you for the updates and the video of the happy events in Chickie Town. I had chickens when I was a little kid. But, alas, city dwellers can't have chickens now.

    I never even attempt the mystery person,(I did know Winston Churchill right away, though!) but I always enjoy reading the guesses. Keep up the good work!

  13. Great news, congratulations on the new babies and all the excitement.

    I'm also interested in the answer to Anon's Ain't Gina question.

  14. Nice Mother's Day for Lovie and your family. I am also worried about Ain't Gina. Love Chickie Town. What a lovely lady today!!
    Have a nice holiday. Remember all our military past and present today(It's Monday). God Bless America.

  15. Thanks for the updates on your peacocks..too bad about the one that couldn't get out..
    I am never able to figure out who your mystery person is but I do enjoy reading the comments:) :)


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