Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Side Car

This morning I have a couple of Biker Dudes for you. The picture was taken in 1922, and shows a couple of guys on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, with a side car. The driver is Jimmy Murphy, who was in Indy 500 winner, and the guy by his side is Ernie Olson, who was his mechanic. Hmmmm . . . maybe I should have saved this for the Mystery Person contest. Yes, in fact, I think this would have made a great mystery photo.


  1. Around the time this photo was taken, Harley was selling more motorcycles equipped with sidecars than without. Harley was trying to compete with the Model T Fords for the cheap family transportation market.
    Today, Harley is the only motorcycle manufacturer that still makes their own sidecars. I have a late model Harley with a sidecar and it is fine, but quirky, machine.

  2. I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar.

  3. This even appears to be the old garage area at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Murphy won the 1922 Indy 500 race.

  4. A couple of days ago, I had remark about some one making a stupid vulgar remark.
    Then some one called me stupid for me saying that the #2 comment was stupid, but by the time he read that comment, the #2 comment had been removed and Geezer NYC comment had moved to the #2 spot

    Geezer NYC had always had great comments and great insite and adds very meaningful comments to the blog.

  5. Looks like a boat along side the motorcycle! PJM I do believe you missed the mark posting this as no one would have gotten it as the mystery photo!

  6. I looked up Jimmy Murphy and found he won quite a few races in his short career, the most interesting victory was the French Grand Prix at Le Mans in 1921. He was the only American in an all American machine (a Dusenberg) to win that race.
    He was killed on dirt track in Syracuse, NY Sept. 15, 1924. It was his first and only run on a dirt track; all his previous races had been on board tracks.
    He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1998.
    Anonymous: I saw the original #2 post (which was amusing in a creepy sort of way) so I knew you weren't talking about my post. Thanks for the compliments.

  7. I have been enjoying all your "Old Picture of the Day" blog. I view if often, just never leave comments.

  8. I find it interesting that these guys were obviously a couple of daredevils, and yet they’re wearing neckties and smart-looking caps.

    People certainly cared a lot more about their attire in those days!!!

  9. I used to have a neighbor who was in a wheel chair, who had converted his motorcycle to be drivable from the sidecar. It was pretty neat.