Friday, May 21, 2010

Old Family Photo

Today's picture was submitted by Kristi S., and it shows her dad and his family, along with family dog. The picture was taken around 1943. Her dad is the little guy on the left of the picture. Picture was taken near Pole Cat Creek, in Glasscock County, Texas. Looking at pictures like this, it really amazes me just how much life has changed since this time. Sort of makes you look back fondly at the slower pace of life.


  1. I agree with PJMs desire. I'm reading a book (Lynch Lawyers) published in 1920 and I love the use of language. Reminds me that there wasn't always so much nastiness and fear mongering in the way we spoke to each other.

    Just another reason I love the pictures on OPOD

  2. Don't get me started. Life was slower -- and less paperwork BC (before computers). I think I want to turn into a hermit.

  3. Mathan you need to read more from decades past. Fear mongering is nothing new. It's been going on since man learned to communicate. What's different since the internet is quicker and easier distribution of fear mongering. (Isn't it ironic that we use the internet to talk about how life would be better without it?)

    I looked in my family photos and there are no dogs. The pets are horses, cats, rabbits, geese and couple special chickens, hamsters, a parakeet and a goat. I'm not talking about livestock on the farm - there were those too - these were all pets. We are definitely animal people but not dog people.

  4. "Sort of makes you look back fondly at the slower pace of life."

    This was in the middle of World War II. Hardly a slower pace of life for countless millions of people on the planet. And also absolutely terrible for many of them.