Monday, May 31, 2010

John Philip Sousa

Today we feature a picture of the grand band leader, John Philip Sousa. The picture was taken around 1900. I had thought about using this as a mystery person contest, because this picture is not a well known picture of him, and I thought people might not recognize him. Given that you figured out the picture of his wife yesterday, likely someone would have gotten it.

Domestic Update:

In the end, Lovie has two healthy babies. Lovie stopped sitting on the other eggs yesterday. When she gave up, I went out and gently cracked the eggs open. They had perfectly formed little peacocks, but they were not living. I guess not all of the babies have what it takes to get out of that shell. Anyway, it looks like she has two fine babies. Yesterday she moved the family out of the chicken coop and into the brush behind Chickie Town. She is really well hidden back there, and the babies hide under her wings. I am hoping everything goes OK, and have decided not to lock them up in the peacock palace. They did not like that last year, so this year will just let the peacocks be peacocks.

Also happy to report that Ain't Gina is now free, and is no longer being held captive by Lovie in the laying box. She is out running around, and appears to be doing fine.


  1. Sousa wrote GREAT march music. You can't help but want to start marching when you hear he music.

    To bad about the baby peacock.
    Great about Ain't Gina. Glad she is OK and back with the other chickies.

  2. My dad was a band teacher for over 4 decades. He ALWAYS ended his concerts with a great Sousa march. Fond memories.

  3. Great marches and one helluva moustache.


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