Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girl on Motorcycle

Good Wednesday morning to you all. Biker Chick week continues today with this picture. I think this is the same girl from yesterday. The picture was taken in 1937, and the woman had just received her Motorcycle drivers license. She was the first woman in Washington DC to get one.

This picture shows a little more detail on the bike. It looks like it has one of those seats like the ones on old tractors. Those seats are actually very comfortable, if you have ever sat on one.

OK, hope someone out there will send me an old picture of their grandmother on a motorcycle. I am going to need some help to keep this theme going for the rest of the week.


  1. That is a mean looking machine. Not like the one you showed on Sunday, which looked more like a motorized bicycle.

    So, if she was the first chick to get a license in DC, maybe that is why there aren't very many old photos to choose from.
    I'm sure you could get tons of newer photos, but not very many old photos.

  2. Wish I could help, but my grandmother never once rode a motorcyle. Though she did own chickens. ;-)

  3. Washington Post, Sep 11, 1937
    D.C.'s Lone Girl Motorcyclist Stormed
    Loudly to Get Permit
    Sally Robinson - She Weighs Only 88 Pounds - Had to 'Buffalo' Stalwart Policeman but Finally Won His Praise - and License.

    By dint of stamping her foot Sally Robinson, of 2120 H street northwest, has become the only girl in Washington licensed to ride a motorcycle.

    Miss Robinson - all 88 pounds of her - has been operating motorcycles on and off since 1928, but last spring she decided she wanted a permit. The policeman assigned to officiate at her examination had different ideas, however. Although the District has no law against women motorcyclists, this examiner apparently thought it should have.

    "First he said I was too little, then he said I was too young," Miss Robinson declaimed yesterday, malice toward all policeman shining in her eyes." She is 27, years old and 4 feet 11 inches tall, and didn't see what either factor had to do with her sitting behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

    "I passed the written examination all right - passed it twice, in fact. The first time I got 80 on it, but that wasn't good enough for him so I went down again and got 92, when that didn't satisfy him, I got my lawyer.

    "Well, that cop looked from me to the lawyer, and from the lawyer to me, and then he said I could take my road test," she continued. Her difficulties had not ended, however. Thinking all was well, she said goodbye to her lawyer and started out for the road test.

    Then the policeman announced he would not ride with her in the sidecar of the machine he provided for the test - he said he was afraid to.

    But when the test was over, the examiner announced, "Lady, you handle it as well as a man could. Your balance is swell and you know the machine. But I didn't see you kick it over so I can't give you the permit."

    That was when Miss Robinson started "cussing him out." "I called him such names - well, I was ashamed of myself. But it worked, and I have the permit."

    Miss Robinson uses the smallest type of machine built, but at that it weighs 325 pounds, nearly four times as much as she does. Despite the fact, it occasionally falls on her, she insists she would rather ride that machine than eat when she's hungry. As for automobiles, she has no use for them whatsoever.

    At present her chief goal is membership in the Capitolians, a newly formed motorcycle club of which Lynn Cook, 1515 U street northwest is president. She will be on the only girl in the club, which does not share the Police Department's prejudice against the sex.

    I copied this from another website. She was an interesting woman.

  4. Three cheers for GeezerNYC - you sure made this picture come alive. Ride, Sally, Ride! Thanks.

  5. PJM
    check out this site

  6. New here so don't know where you get your pictures usually, but I googled and found a bunch. I know the image sellers' ones are copyright but I'm sure you could post a link. The others could probably be used especially if credited. (top one) (scroll down for several)

    Blogger won't accept really long posts so I will continue in a new comment.

  7. more: (several) (woman motorcycle mechanic) (motorcyclin' granma) (scroll for several) (halfway down the long page, with story)


  8. last bunch: (having lessons) (obviously posed but still...) (scroll down for several) (Awesome! mobile nurse) (scroll down for lots) (woman repairing her bike)

    Well, there are a few. I hope they are helpful, or at least that some enjoy them as I did.

  9. I could get you a picture of my great grandfather riding my mother's tricycle lol.


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