Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Photo

This week we are looking at photos that you submit of your family ancestors with dogs. We start with this one submitted by the OPOD Arch-Nemeses Nate Maas. The picture shows Jacob and Maggie Grow, and family. Jacob was a former Rebel in the 7th Confederate Cavalry. After the war he became a pastor, preaching in Georgia, Florida, and Texas. There is a dog in the picture, but it appears to be "stuffed". Hopefully they had a real dog back home. The picture was taken in the late 1800's, probably in the Gainesville, Texas area.


  1. The kid is barefoot, was this a common thing for a family picture?

  2. Nate: Did the the stuffed pooch go on to become a family heirloom?

  3. Geezer, I think the animal was a studio prop. They've put fake grass below their feet and added the dog. I think it was to try and make it look as though they were having a day in the countryside.

  4. A quote from one of my favorite movies, Braveheart, in reference to the kid in the top right..."You have the look of you mother."

  5. Good photo, Nate. I really like the
    dog. Unfortunately I have very few
    photos of my grandparents. I think
    my sisters in Australia have a few
    I haven't seen.

  6. Okay, just returned from work and figured I'd share a little more about this family to make it more interesting. Jacob was from Carrollton, Georgia (outside Atlanta). His parents had come as pioneers in a Jersey wagon from Vermont before the Civil War and had taught at the town's first schoolhouse. Jacob was the second of six children, the oldest three all joined the Confederate Army. Jacob was the only one to return home. His older brother, Pack, died of Typhoid in Richmond after the Battle of Manassas. His younger brother, Lewis, died at Petersburg. His body was not recovered, but his bloody Bible was sent home. While they were away at war, their father died and the mother took over teaching the town's school children. Jacob fought the entire war and was at Johnston's surrender. Upon his return he enrolled at Columbia Seminary in South Carolina. It was here he met Maggie Scott. They married and had five children. From left to right in the picture are Will, Mary, and Paoli. They also had a daughter, Elmira, who died at age 7 and Marguerite who was born after this photo.

    Jacob pastored a number of Presbyterian churches in Lake City and Ellisville, Florida; Jefferson and Athens, Georgia; Sulphur Springs, Llano, Burnet, Comanche, Dublin, Hamilton, and Brownwood, Texas. Jacob also taught at and ran Daniel Baker College for a time.

    Paoli became a Baptist minister near Houston. He married a widow who had five children and then had two boys of his own. Mary was my great-grandmother and raised four girls. Will never married and was in the oil business. Marguerite also never married and taught Latin at the Hockaday Girls' School in Dallas.

  7. Nate, thanks for telling. It must be nice to know much about your family history. Especially if there are some gruesome or heroic stories from the civil war. No 19th civil war stories in Holland, our civil war aka liberation war was in the 16th century. Maybe some ancestor of mine had to join Napoleons army when they went to Russia, but we have no recollection of that in our family. In WWII my granddad fought a few days against the Germans in their blitzkrieg (at the so called Grebbeberg).