Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Dog

Today's picture was submitted by Sherry T. The picture shows her dad, Ralph Pierce, and her uncle, Gene Pierce with the family dog. The picture as taken around 1931 on the family farm near Elkhorn, Wisconsin.


  1. WOW! Upon initial inspection, I was wondering where you got a picture of me and my sister. The porch looks remarkably like the place my family was renting in Casper in the early 1950's, and the dog looks like the landlord's. The kids are a bit older than my sister and I to have been there, but, still.......

  2. The comment count is kind of low today. Don't want an embargo.

  3. I love the dog photos! Wish I had an old one to send along . . .

  4. It seems that most families had a dog in the 19th and 20th century, no matter how rich or 'dirt poor'. Even the dog went with the family during the great depression and the dust bowl days. Now many just abandon their dogs. How different we have become.

  5. I agree with TIS.
    People get behind on their rent and don't think twice about sneaking away and leaving their dog or cat behind to fend for them selves.
    I run a mobile home park, and see it happening more than a person would even think it could happen.
    I have called Animal Control to come and get the animal that is left behind.

  6. My dad loved dogs and cats. I have tons of photos him with various farm dogs, though this is the earliest I could find. Our farm was in southeastern Wisconsin.

  7. Love old photos. I did a post yesterday about a family who lived in the early 20th century and included some photos of them taken about 1900. I had such fun touring their house last weekend.
    Come for a visit.

  8. My high school daughter Julia did a social studies research paper on the problem of people abandoning their pets in this county. She interviewed several shelters and vets in the area. She found that people are giving up their dogs and cats because they can no longer afford to feed them, or, having lost their home, they can't find a place to live that allows pets. Also sometimes the shelters are full to overflowing and can't take anymore animals.

    It is a bad situation all around.

    But, this was a wonderful photo today.