Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calvin Coolidge

Today's picture shows President Calvin Coolidge with his pet cat. Coolidge was a very quiet man, so probably enjoyed cats more than dogs. When in the White House, the Coolidge's had a number of different animals, including a pet raccoon.


  1. Calvin Coolidge was at one time a farmer. Many of his ancestors were also farmers. He was surely well acquainted with animals.
    We don't hear much about him these days when history does not seem important to some. This man took over the office after the scandal ridden presidency of Harding and restored faith in the office.

  2. Looks like he is wearing a old smock to keep the cat hairs off of him. I also had pet raccoons. They were a fun animal and very intelligent. Like to wash all of their food. One of them learned how to turn on the bath tub faucet. wash his food and turn the tap back off again.

  3. Two tricks to keep a raccoon busy while you do something important, like have a quiet meal:

    Give him a box of sugar cubes and a basin of water to wash them in.

    Paint her paws with honey and hand her a feather.

  4. What an adorable cat.
    I see Coolidge make quite a few appearances on OPOD and each time I like him more and more. Especially when other reader post information.

  5. Definitely a good week here. Been too many dogs in the past for cat lovers.

  6. Several years ago a friend of mine rescued and raised a litter of baby raccoons. I came over to help bottle feed them one day and got quite a shock -- raccoons purr just like cats!!!