Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Boy and his Dog

Today's picture was submitted by Mike C., and it shows a picture of his grandfather with pet dog. The picture was taken in about 1895 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Pictured is Frank Cool and his dog Dash. Hmmm . . . Frank Cool and Dash. Sounds like it could have been a good name for a detective show in the 70's. But I digress . . . Frank was the first in the family to be born in the US after the family emigrated from Belgium.

I am enjoying the pictures you all are sending in . . . please keep them coming.


  1. Is it just me, or did dogs look different back in the day?

  2. What a lucky kid to have such a great dog! I always wanted a dog, my parents wouldn't allow one. We had pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and turtles, lest you think I was totally deprived. (no peacocks or chickens)

    Was he actually sitting on the dog?

  3. Great looking dog, big, must have
    weighed quite a bit.
    It certainly looks like the lad is
    sitting on 'Dash', good friends I'm

  4. Great photo of a boy and his dog... not sure how he felt about that bow tie.

  5. Frank doesn't look old enough to be Mike's grandfather, but I guess that was then. And Minnesota.
    Fun pics this week!

  6. There is nothing like the bond between a kid and a dog! This is a great picture!

  7. Anyone else think of Buster Brown Shoes adverts?


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