Monday, April 12, 2010


Good Monday morning to you all, and I hope you are having as beautiful of a springtime as we are seeing here in West Texas. We are looking at pictures of Working Men this week, as part of our campaign to get people to do real work once again. Today's picture was taken in 1942 and shows three welders working on making a ship boiler for the Combustion Engineering Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I think welding would be a great career moving forward. First, being a good welder requires a lot of skill, talent, and training. Welders are needed in good times, to build new things, and in bad times to fix old things. Welders are needed in industries that make things we have to have. Lots of welders are needed in the energy industry, and in the food production (farming and ranching) industry. I believe that a good, honest welder will always be able to support his family. 


  1. I'm kind of like Mathan, "Jack of all trades and master of none".
    I've done most all of it from auto body work, heating/ air conditioning, carpentry, block layer. I've work on diesel injectors, carburetors, generators, alternators.
    Basically I have the ability to see something done and then be able to do it myself. I pay attention to details and ask questions.
    I built my own house Montana. I laid the block did the carpentry work with some help from a master carpenter. I wired it and plumbed it with after reading about it and talking with the electrical and plumbing inspectors. I even wired a few more homes for the guy I bought my land from and he decided to build some homes 0n land he still owned.
    But now I'm 67 years old and do let the kids do the hard work.

  2. LOL R. I'm a "mere" 64, and really wish the Stanley Anti-Vibe hammer was available when I was carpentering. I probably wouldn't hurt quite so much or so often. I don't mind the hard work as long as it's okay for it to take a while. Can't do it all in a day, anymore.

  3. Yes, they sure have neat tools now. Making life so much easier for these kids now days.
    Like you, I have a lot of aches and pains from doing things the good old fashion hard way.

  4. welding is a great profession, hard work, but a little art to it, i learned on the farm by just watching and doing,went on to be a certified welder / hvy equip mechanic for many years, at least 10 for a caterpiller dealer, and i never opened a book,or attended school for my profession, just learned by hands on,,i miss it now, but im also paying for it,,
    my sore this,,my sore that ! lol


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