Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saw Mill

Today's picture was taken in 1908 and shows two boys working in a saw mill. The picture was taken in Evansville, Indiana.


  1. Not a sawmill, probably a cabinet shop or furniture company.

  2. Notice no guard on the saw. Looks like some serious child labor and OSHA violations here.

  3. Back then people had common sense and knew to not go near the fast spinning sharp disc.

  4. Common sense is one thing. Accidents are totally another.

    You could sneeze, misdirect the board you are cutting, and your coworker could loose fingers or a hand. THAT is why safety laws came into being.

    I heard terrible stories from older foundry workers in the town where I was born about people being killed by molten steel before some of the safety regulations came to be.

  5. I recenty left a job because of a lack of health and saftey. Guards and the like ARE common sense!


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