Monday, April 26, 2010

Early Helicopter

Today's picture is from 1923, and it shows an early attempt at a helicopter. It looks like it has 4 fan like propellers pointed upward. I am not sure how successful it was, but it does  look like like it is a foot or so off the ground in the picture.


  1. That almost looks like the 4 rotor machine that Georges de Bothezat built for the U. S. Army.

  2. I'm afraid of helicopters.

  3. What innovators they were back then and now.

  4. No, the Berliner was the first successful one.

  5. I will never, EVER, get in a helicopter unless I was forced to for a rescue of some sort. I do not trust vertical flight aircraft, no matter what anyone says.

    When our daughter was in the fourth grade, we went to Maui, Hawaii for April vacation. While we were on that trip, my husband and I got into a HUGE fight that almost resulted in a divorce because I refused to go on a helicopter tour of the Iao Valley (where they filmed parts of the movie “Jurassic Park”), and I refused to let our daughter go as well.

    The tour company was “Blue Hawaiian” Helicopter tours, and they had a perfect safety record with military veteran pilots. Nonetheless, something told me NOT to go, and I held my ground. My husband was really upset and so was my daughter, they called me all kinds of names, but I didn’t give in. I told my husband that if he wanted to kill himself, to go right ahead, but we weren’t going. A couple of months later, that particular tour helicopter crashed, and 5 people were killed, what a tragedy.

    I realize that accidents can happen anywhere, but helicopters are tempting fate if you ask me.

    No way.