Friday, March 19, 2010

Tobacco Market

Today's picture shows a tobacco market. I like the old-style clothes and hats everyone is wearing. The picture was taken in Louisville, Kentucky in 1906.

I do think it is too bad that so few kids these days have to do real work like farm work. I used to work with a guy that had grown up on a family dairy farm. He was a brilliant scientist, but what really made him successful was the extremely good work ethic he had. I think people that grow up on farm work, no matter what they end up doing, always can be depended on to be hard workers.


  1. I live in Louisville, and if that is the building I think it is, it is now an antique mall.

  2. I was going to say, that is a cool-looking building. Looks like it was brand-spanking new in that picture, or else they did a great job keeping it clean. Love the natural light flooding it from above; that's good architecture, in my book!

  3. I'm not sure I understand how the design of this building contributed to tobacco marketing. Obviously big rolls of tobacco were housed on the ground floor??? Why two floors? Did they auction off the tobacco or did the buyers make sealed bids on rolls, lots, or?? Interesting photo and I can see why it's antique mall today. Maybe somebody can explain the building to us.

  4. just about anyone raised on a dairy has a good work ethic, that job requires 24 - 7 - 365,,cows dont take holidays either !

  5. The gentleman holding up that wooden-whatsit doesn't look very comfortable.

  6. I always thought that High School Graduates should be barred from entering College. One year as unskilled labor or a stint in the Armed Services should be a requirement for college entry. Otherwise, how could you know what you're getting the higher education for?

    Does that make me a liberaservative or a conserval? I don't know any more. I guess I'm a lot like that '50's Kingston trio song: "...and I don't like anybody very much."

    That was a joke.

  7. I was raised on a farm in the 50's.
    Very hard work early morning to night. We raised beets, corn, hay, and beans. The toughest jobs were stacking hay and hoeing beets.

    I still work 12 + hours a day on my cushy accounting job all these years.