Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cotton Sharecroppers

Today's picture features a group of sharecroppers hoeing a field near White Plains, Georgia. The picture was taken in 1941. The people appear to be wearing fairly decent clothes, compared to the rags we have seen in other pictures. Notice the little guy over to the left watching.


  1. That almost looks like a posed photo.
    Like you said, they are wearing some pretty nice looking clothes for doing field work.
    What are they hoeing? There isn't anything growing, unless they are breaking up dirt clods.
    Only the little guy is looking at the camera. If he noticed it, then you would think someone else would also.

  2. Once the man to the right hands the shovel over to the woman on far left, all males will be watching the women at work. Are they maybe teaching the women how to do this job or is it some kind of a special ceremony or or or?

  3. I would say it's a posed photo.

    The trees are fully leafed-out, indicating this is well past planting time.

    There are no crops OR weeds to be seen, so hoeing is nonsensical.

  4. Is it possible they are gleaning? Looking for a few extra potatoes for Sunday dinner, maybe?

  5. posed,,,looks like their sunday best,looks like midsummer,,

  6. The guy with his back to us looks like he is wearing a Dixie Cup

  7. good scene

    I like this blog and poot it in my blogroll.