Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woman's Hat circa 1920's

Today we feature what I consider to be the low point in Women's Hat Fashion. I am not sure what these hats were called, but they were popular back in the 20's, and look something like a skull cap. Luckily, we don't see much of this type of thing anymore.


  1. I would say that you had to have a real short hair cut, or straight hair to wear these.
    It would ruin any kind of hair do, except that kind of straight hair.

  2. I believe that style is called a cloche hat.

  3. Are You sure about the years on the headline?

    One thousand years ago, viking-fashion :)

  4. I suppose it depends upon the wearer... it looks pretty good on the young lady pictured.

  5. It's about time you visit La Belle Province de Quebec in Canada.
    You will find great pleasure in looking at these hats because they are worn by beautiful young and older women.

  6. Beautiful picture!! Good job!!


  7. Low point in women's hat fashion? I love the hat and she looks very stylish!

  8. http://www.ubcbotanicalgarden.org/potd/ was nice, but, for me, not worth a daily visit. There are a lot of PODs (I even got aimed at a PhotoShop POD, once), but the regulars are enough:
    but OPOD is still the most enjoyable.

    I think the cloche hat, or whatever you call them, also require a certain, shall we say, vivacity. I think of Bess Armstrong in High Road to China. Definitely NOT a hat for my grandmother. Hmmmmm. What sort of hat would a wee Scottish woman be wearing on a homestead in the mountains of Montana in the 1920's? (see yesterday's photo)

  9. I think they are great, but you would have to have the short "flapper" style hair for it to work.

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  11. I think that post by the anonymous hombre is spam.
    Cloche's are still popular thanks to the knitting fad. Back in the 20's & early 30's there were many stylish and well tailored hats of this type. PJM, I don't think you are used to hats at all, because you have not liked anything this week. I hope you post a pic you actually like. So far I have liked all the hats just fine. (Though all my hats are functional wide brimmed affairs to protect me from the sun.)
    Here's Greta Garbo in a cloche:

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  13. The beadword on today's hat is very nice. It would have added a lovely touch of sparkle to the lady's ensemble.

  14. I love the flapper hair style.
    Also the hat makes me think of the 20's every time. I love it. Makes me think of the Prohibition Era and clientele of a speakeasy.
    Except this hat, I have not liked the hats shown so far. I wear an Akubra all the time and love wearing it. More women are wearing hats over here now than a few years back.

  15. It is indeed called a cloche. They are quite popular now with young women. :-) The beading on this particular hat is exquisite and this was probably an expensive creation. I think SmartGirl said her mom took a millinery class and I could see the reason why. Hats are difficult to make, lots of labor, and materials are expensive. It would have saved her mom a lot of money.

  16. I think the hat is beautiful as is the wearer and her haircut.

    I especially like the beading.

  17. Cloche means bell. It's not a skull cap.

  18. Norkio:

    Yes, I mentioned that in yesterday’s post.

    I’m would guess that my mom spent quite a bit of money n custom-made hats in the 40s and 50s; and she wanted to try making one herself. I am going to ask my dad if he still has the newspaper photo of her in the class. As far as I can recall, it was sometime around 1959 or 1960.

    I think today’s photo is absolutely beautiful - the subject, her haircut, and the beading on the hat. My 19-year-old daughter wears hats like that today - she’s a little “bohemian” in her style and loves that era - “The Great Gatsby” is her favorite movie, and she loves to visit Rosecliff, the mansion here in Newport RI where that movie was filmed. I guess she’s a throwback.

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  20. Well, this hat is a darned sight prettier than the monstrosity we had yesterday! Talk about your low points!

    My nana always liked fancy hats, especially the ones by the designer she called Lily "Datch-ee". My mother is probably the only woman outside the royal family who still wears a hat to church. I swear, some of them are older than I am!

  21. I really don't have a problem with yesterday's hat. If you look at the higher resolution, it's tasteful and nicely tailored. It works for the subject who happens to be an chubby older lady with mediocre looks. She is also wearing a simple but nicely finished suit. Whether you like it or not, the ensemble is simple and tasteful.
    In fact, all the subjects this week have beautifully embellished clothes.

  22. Very funny posts today.
    The wearer is pretty, and the hat is stylish (even for the time), comely and nicely beaded.
    The comments are quite fun.


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