Friday, January 1, 2010

Grace Coolidge

We wrap up Angel of Mercy week here at OPOD with this picture. It was taken in 1927, and shows Grace Coolidge at a meeting of the Society of Nurses.

Well, hope you all are having a great New Year's Day. My new year's resolution is to try and make OPOD more fun, and more interesting. Over Christmas Dinner with my extended family, half my family members said that they had stopped reading OPOD because since this fall they said it was not very interesting any more. I will admit, that I had been pretty busy once the school year started, and had not put the effort into it that I should have. The other thing they told me was just day in and day out I was too mean, and needed to turn my meanness dial down about two clicks. They also said I was lazy, and never do any real work. They said they were amazed that I was not a homeless person. Then we all had big piece of pecan pie and ice cream.


  1. I get similar comments from my extended family, yet they all come to my house to eat......


  2. P.S. Which AOM was the scoundrel???


  3. Dan,
    I will reveal the scoundrel on Sunday. Wanted to give people a full week to vote.

  4. Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean, I presume. Best darned ice cream on the planet. Well, second only to fresh snow ice cream made with farm fresh cream.

    Boerne ("BURR-knee") is very nice. Kerrville is nice. And halfway in between is a delightful wee town called Comfort. Best tortillas and caldo ever are at Los Jaritos. Worth the trip. Chock full of antique stores, and once home to the most wonderful lady I ever met. So nice, I married her.

  5. PJM,
    For what it's worth, I disagree with nearly all of the sentiments expressed by your extended family. Granted, I did enjoy your occasional rant back in the day but to call the the site wholly uninteresting is a gross overstatement of what seems to me to little more than the general disapproval expelled by most extended families upon their respective hosts. It happens to us nearly every time we host a family holiday function. At any rate, seeing as how you have resolved to improve OPOD, I will not try to stop you, even though I really couldn't if I wanted to. And I look forward to the changes that are in store for us.

  6. If you had a shiny new John Deere tractor, that would surely present many new and interesting topics to write about.

  7. I think your family is mean! I love OPOD and don't think it has ever been boring. You are doing a good job PJM. Boot those relatives out of your house!

  8. Oh MY!! I disagree with your extended family. I always enjoy your blog even though some days it’s more entertaining than others. I have to admit that I tend to enjoy your "meanness" as it always comes across as fun. I have been a lurker for a longggg time but had to let you know that your blog is much appreciated. I especially enjoy the TX items, 5th gen Texan that I am.
    Happy New Year...!!!
    ...sliding into lurker mode once again....

  9. I would've thought you were making up those family comments, then I remembered some of the things our sons have said. Sheesh.

  10. I discovered this blog when I was googling a historical figure, and have been in love with this place ever since. Boring?? I'm not sure those folks are looking at the right blog. I look forward to your posts every day and I love the contests.

  11. Thank for you for your hard work on this siteI really appreciate it.

  12. I find this 'extended family
    conversation' very hard to believe.
    You're only mean on saturdays for
    the Mystery Person Competition,
    which I came to see as part of the
    The OPOD was good when I started
    looking in three years ago, and
    this year has been great.

  13. I meant of course, last year was

    Also we had the peacocks, chickens,
    self-closing gates, solar paneling,
    trips across Texas looking for
    furniture and the Tutankhamen
    Exhibition...and you teach as
    well...there are only 24 hours in
    a day...
    Happy New Year to all.

  14. PJM:

    I also disagree with your family's comments.

    It's not your job to personally entertain us, just posting the photos is enough.

    If you want to have a theme or a contest every now and then - that's fine - but you don't have to do it every single week.

    The comments and discussions are the most fun.


  15. Anon/Lea:

    MY name is Lea, too!!!

  16. They're right when they say (whoever 'they' are) you can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends.
    I say, although your extended family comes along with who you choose, you can ignore them. And, your blog readers choose you.
    Obviously we love your blog. And personally, I love your 'meanness', and we know you love us and your 'meanness' is all in fun. (Except when regarding the evil Nate Maas.) Actually, Nate, we love you, too, and count on your defeating Mr. PJM on so many Saturdays.

  17. +JMJ+
    I think OPOD is great; I think you work hard; and I think you put in lots more time keeping the Mrs. happy than most . . . Happy New Year and keep up the good work!

  18. Perchance did the Evil Nate Maas come disguised to your table and say those horrible things about you? We love OPOD just the way it is!

    Happy New Year to PJM (and the ENM) who make OPOD so entertaining!

  19. Nothing like an extended family gathering to teach a person some humility. But personally I took your "meanness" as humor, as I'm sure that is how you meant it. I guess the thing to do is ask your extended family if they want to try and do better day after day. The only thing you need to improve on, is more up dates on your ranching. You ROCK man, keep up the excellent work.

  20. I just discovered OPOD a few months ago and check in daily. I think it's a swell blog. Thanks, PJM.

  21. Love OPOD just the way it is too. Truly, it is the bantering & chatter from around the world that draws me back day after day. And you are the impetus for that, PJM. The only 'boring' days are the ones when WE out here in cyberland have nothing to say. I feel like I know OleBear, Nate, Smart Girl,Mathan, Rayuk, Merideth in Wyo, R, etc etc. By the way....I think there is a ZIPLINE in Kerrville which is near Boerne! Now, wouldn't that be a rush for Mrs. PJM?

  22. I agree with others sentiments. Your "meanness" is what makes the mystery person more fun. Rest assured none of us take it that way.

  23. Mr PJM-

    I agree with the others, I love OPOD! I discovered it over the summer last year and really enjoy seeing the old pictures, your comments, and reading the comments of others. Change it if you must! I will still read OPOD daily. Happy New Year!

    PS How is the new furniture?


  24. Mean? MEAN! Bwahahahahahahahahaha gasp...hahahahahahahaha.

    Now that's funny.

  25. Judi:

    I agree!!

  26. I look forward to your wit and sarcasm on the Saturday contests. The Saturdays when you just answer yes or no aren't nearly as entertaining for me. I enjoy the bantering. Besides being entertained I learn so much from your photos and the comments of other people. You do a great job, don't listen to the critics - most critics expect too much and appreciate too little.

    Happy New Year everybody!

  27. They need their heads examined..I find this all highly entertaining! Then again I am a strange old person, that enjoys old photos:) :)