Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sitting Bull

Indian Chief week continues here at OPOD with this fine picture of Sitting Bull. I like this one because most of the pictures of him are straight on, and this one is more of a profile shot. The picture was taken in 1888.


  1. Great photo. He looks regal and dignified.

  2. This looks more like Standing Bull.

  3. Elise:

    I agree. They were regal and beautiful people.

  4. I just imagine the eons of time that went into developing their cultures, setting their myths, gods and stories, and we managed to effectively wipe all that out in the interest of westward expansion. I'm not an apolgist but as a people we were pretty insensitive in the 19th century. At least we have these pictures to remember what a proud and regal people they used to be.

  5. Norkio, I agree with you! I know the Blacks have plenty to complain about - and rightly so - but if the Red Man ever decides to get even with us, Lord, deliver us all.

  6. Norkio and Lady Anne:

    I agree with both of you that our 19th Century society was insensitive and unfair in many ways, and not just to Native Americans and African Americans, but to immigrants, women, child laborers, the mentally ill and poor, as well as others.

    However, we see those flaws in RETROSPECT by applying our knowledge and values of today to what we know transpired in the past. Unfortunately, we cannot hold people who are no longer alive accountable for what they didn’t know or for the political and social norms of the time.

    It is illogical to blame a dead person for something that they did 100 years ago, just because WE wouldn’t do the same thing today.

    Did you ever stop to think that even though we consider ourselves to be enlightened and informed, future generations may look back on some of OUR attitudes and consider them unacceptable?

    We cannot rewrite history to conform to our current standards and ideology, nor should we try to. We need to accept and embrace it as is, learn from it and MOVE ON.

  7. Also 19th century US was certainly not the pioneers of slavery or culture destruction. Both were a common practice through out the world. Terrible, but Smart Girl is right, what was acceptable back then certainly wouldn't be today. And some of what we do now will certainly be frowned upon by future generations. Hopefully future generations will rediscover God and morals.

  8. Heather:

    I hope so as well.

  9. Heather;

    the above is me.