Monday, December 7, 2009

President Coolidge

This picture was taken in 1925, and shows Calvin Coolidge on the lawn of the White House with a group of Native Americans. No one looks too happy in the picture.


  1. Coolidge, bless him, seldom looked happy, and considering the way the United States has treated the Indians, they probably didn't have much reason to be very pleased, either. Another one of those treaties that lasted six months or until we wanted whatever it was we'd "given" them, whichever came first.

  2. I found this information about the photo:

    In an effort to improve the federal government’s relationship with Indians, Coolidge tried to appear as a strong supporter of tribal cultural rights. On personal moral grounds, Coolidge sincerely regretted the state of poverty to which many Indian tribes had sunk after decades of legal persecution and forced assimilation. After signing the Indian Citizen Act at the White House, President Coolidge, in stiff white collar and dark suit, posed with four Osage tribal leaders, three of whom had donned traditional ceremonial dress. Earlier in 1923, he met with the Committee of 100 on Indian Affairs, and in 1925, he invited a group of Sioux from the Rosebud Reservation to the White House. Two years later, President Coolidge accepted honorary tribal membership from Sioux Chief Henry Standing Bear.

  3. What little I know of President Coolidge, he was a man of few words. Maybe few facial expressions as well?

  4. Well the Indians probably just realized that The Great White Father was selling them another bag of goods.

  5. Coolidge's, son Cal junior died from blood poisoning in 1924 when he scraped his foot while playing lawn tennis on the White House lawn.

    Coolidge was never the same and I'm sure the White House was a constant reminder of that event.

    It's a sobering thought that in a era before antibiotics even a President's son wasn't immune from death from a simple scrape..