Friday, December 18, 2009

On the Beach

We wrap up our Beach Week today with this picture. It was taken in 1906, and shows people on the shore at Palm Beach, Florida. I love the way people dressed in this era.


  1. I just can't imagine a world like this.

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  4. I don't know if you've posted this
    photo before, PJM. I've seen it
    somewhere on-line.

    It's a really beautiful photograph.

    The man on the right in a bowler
    hat, fully dressed, sitting in the
    shade of an umbrella.
    The ladies umbrella so chic, and
    her stance, with face looking right, gives her an timeless look.

    A lot of painters were very
    interested in this type of scene,
    in the latter decades of the 19th

  5. Our modern clothes are no where so picturesque, but much more comfortable.

  6. Such a beautiful skirt and blouse. The pin tucks on the back of her blouse don't look like a lot, but it's a beautiful touch to break up the plain back. I can see some interesting tucks or embellishments along the seams of her skirt that I may steal for my next 1890s skirt. :-)

  7. The clothing is beautiful, but it must have been hot and uncomfortable at the beach.

    I can barely stand it with a pair of shorts and bathing suit.


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