Monday, December 28, 2009

Manzanar Relocation Center

Angel of Mercy week continues here on OPOD, and today we feature this picture from the Mansanar Relocation Center in California in World War II. This is where many people of Japanese descent were incarcerated during the War. This picture shows a nurse with a new baby born in the facility. The picture was taken in 1943.

Domestic Update:

I have just been informed by Mrs. PJM that we are going furniture shopping today. I have further been informed that furniture stores in our area do not have the selection or styles suitable for our needs, and therefor we are going to spend the day on a cross-state jaunt, stopping at every furniture store along the way. I learn that participation in this furniture shopping jaunt is mandatory, and not optional. Expectations are that I remain patient, and allow suitable time in each store for each piece of furniture to be inspected. This can not end well.


  1. PJM;

    Perhaps you can use this trip to your advantage, slowly cruising by the John Deere dealerships on the way....

  2. PJM: Take a good, thick book and wait in the car. Or are you expected to be more actively involved the furniture decisions?

  3. Show too much interest, ask for specs, prices, color choices. If you waste more time than the Mrs., you will not be welcome next time.


    It has come to my attention that the furniture shopping extravaganza will be a multi-day event, and find myself in San Antonio. I have learned that Mrs. PJM does not consider a Motel 6 as adequate lodging, and find that she has secured lodging at the Doubletree (cha-ching, cha-ching).

    I was unaware of how much furniture in our house is "Just Not Working".

    As I sit in the corner of the Doubletree room discreetly making this post, I shudder as I hear Mrs. PJM on the phone booking a moving company to transport furniture purchased today, plus to follow us around tomorrow. I am somewhat alarmed as I hear the size of truck being hired. Extra men to load and unload, and men with "flexible schedules".

    Henceforth this episode will be referred to as "The Great Spending Spree of '09".

    Nothing seems to be working. Sitting in the car was a mistake, as I lost any influence on applying the breaks. Going in does not work, as attempts to apply the breaks lead to reduction of the state of domestic tranquility.

    Other things I have learned in driving around San Antonio is that if the Garmin says turn left, and Mrs. PJM says turn right, you should ignore the Garmin and follow Mrs. PJM's instructions. The Garmin will in fact get over it if not listened to, but Mrs. PJM continues to discuss well into the trip.

    Unclear what further damage to budget will be done tomorrow, but I fear the worst.


  5. Well, there goes your new tractor. Unless you can throw a cover over it and put some stuffed pillows onit.

  6. All other shopping being equal, furniture shopping is the best kind of shopping for a husband to go on. Sure, it can be pricey, but so can a trip to the mall or department store. But furniture shopping has one big advantage over all other shopping - PLENTY OF SEATING! No squatting on half of a kid's bench outside the women's fitting room with 3 other husbands, or worse, sitting in the middle of a mall holding a purse and having everyone who walks by giggle at you.

    My advice. Find a bed on display, and lay down and take a quick nap. Sure, the Mrs. will be mad, but the extra rest will be nice when you are having to duck flying objects and the $3,000 couch she just bought should be very comfy in the middle of the night.




    OK, finally 6 PM arrived, and as you know, the furniture stores all close at 6:00 PM. I guess they close early as they need a few hours to count all the money they have taken in. Anyway, 6 arrived, and I thought I had it made, but no, I find out that the shopping spree transcends furniture and will also include other household items, and, gasp, clothing. I learn that cities such as San Antonio have these large facilities called Malls that have many stores that stay open very late. Well, I got sucked into one, and the hyperspending continues on into the night.

    Will the nightmare ever end?

    I might have caught a little bit of a break. My brother called and said that there was going to be bad weather coming tomorrow with possible snow and ice. I pointed out to Mrs. PJM that the safety of the moving truck and workers was of utmost importance, and perhaps we should try to curtail shopping tomorrow, and try and beat the weather home.

    Gerald .. . I enjoyed reading your post. In your description of Mall shopping, it was if you were watching me.

    OK, now if I can just come up with a way to get wife and daughter out of this place and back to the Doubletree.


  8. #3 has a cat that ate the canary look. I don't know who she was but I'd be afraid to be alone with her for very long.

  9. Our neighbor down the street when I was a child was born at Manzanar. That could well be her in the picture. It was difficult for me to understand that when I was a kid and now I feel really terrible for her and her parents, who were incredibly nice people.

    PS when will we learn who the scoundrel was?