Friday, December 4, 2009

Cowboy Kitchen

Today's picture was taken in 1939 and shows a cowboy pouring a cup of coffee near an old wood stove. The picture was taken in Montana on the Quarter Circle "U" Ranch. Have you ever tried Cowboy Coffee? It is made by just throwing the grounds in the hot water. The grounds are filtered out (somewhat) by a strainer at the spout of the pot. The longer the pot sits on the stove, the stronger the coffee gets. I actually think it is pretty good.


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    1. Maybe he is a southpaw! LOL. Its not backwards for me!

  2. When I was a kid, in the '40s and '50's, I lived with my grandmother in southern New Mexico a lot of the time. This photo looks like "home" to me.

    The stove is a "Majestic." My grandmother would make me toast by laying the bread on top of the stove. But it wasn't very good toast. Maybe it picked up the "flavors" from the stove top.

  3. My philosophy of coffee has always been, "the stronger the better"... so I am thinkin' I just might love me some cowboy-style coffee. Can I get it with cream?

  4. Finally. A hat with a proper crease to the crown. Love it.

    My grandfather used to make "cowboy coffee" in a large camp coffee pot, but he would never throw the old grounds out. Got to where he could only brew one cup at a time. When he was sent to the TB Sanitorium, Mom cleaned it. Wouldn't hold water after that, so she had to buy him a new one.

    Been a great week of memories. Thanks.

  5. Some people add an egg to a big pot of coffee to clear the liquid. The egg collects the particles in suspension and sinks. Sounds weird but it works.

  6. Cowboy coffee is great and you don't need cream somehow. I'm a cream and sugar gal myself, but when we camped next to some Muleskinners recently the coffee was on the fire all day and was so smooth and flavorful, it made me wonder if that's how coffee is really supposed to be made and the expensive stuff we get at Starbucks isn't brewed correctly, lol.

  7. Although I love the smell of coffee brewing, for some reason I cannot drink it; and I have never been able to.

    It really does a number on my digestive tract - it’s just like drinking drain cleaner. Over the years, I’ve been told by a number of people that this reaction is due to the oils that the coffee beans are roasted in. Sounds logical to me.

    Anyway, I’m the only person in my family like this, everyone else drinks tons of coffee, including my 94-year-old dad. My daughter has been drinking iced coffee since she was four years old.

    “Cowboy Coffee” would probably send me to the hospital.

  8. I don't even like the smell of coffee. Tried drinking it once but no matter how much cream and sugar I put in it, I still didn't like it. Smart Girl, my parents and siblings all drink it too. They even take a thermos of coffee if they are going anywhere that they think might not have good coffee. My kids don't drink it though.