Thursday, November 19, 2009

Filing Cabinets

This picture was taken in 1919 and shows a man and woman working at a filing cabinet. I really like these old wood style filing drawers. Today they are all made out of thin cheap metal, or fake wood.


  1. Even file cabinets themselves are disappearing. Everything is kept on computers. I work in a publishing compay, with many projects, and I only need one cabinet.

  2. I work in a radio station which was built in 1936 and many of the old wooden cabinets are still here, including an oak chest to hold blueprints, a wall of drawers holding radio and electronic parts. There is a 'ordinary' workshop with large wooden tables and cabinets, and a separate smaller workshop for working on radios and electronics. It has felt covered work bench and lots of wooden cabinetry and cubby holes. The metal filing cabinets are over 50 years old and very substantial compared to metal cabinets today. We have a transmitter facility built at the same time and it has similar work areas.

  3. I remember file cabinets like these in the public libraries.

    They held the card catalogs - one to search by author and another to search by subject.

    Now everything is on the computer; and half the time, I can't understand the entries - all abbreviations.

  4. Smart Girl, I was going to post that the thing I miss most in this world is the good, old fashioned card catalog! A computer is nice, but only one person can use it at a time. You could grab the drawer that had the cards for books on, say gardening, and so sit quietly at a table to work. Not all change is progress.

  5. Great!
    I love this photo.
    I'm looking for a wooden file drawer system like this for keeping microphones at my studio which I'm currently trying to get built under my parent's house.
    I am tantalised by the post from 'anonymous' which mentions both wooden filing drawers AND old broadcast technologies, which is the other thing I'm trying to recover and utilize for my facility in Melbourne. Get in touch if there's anything being cleared out!?