Monday, November 23, 2009

Bleriot Airplane

Today's picture shows a Bleriot airplane. The picture was taken in 1911. It is amazing how quickly airplanes became popular after the Wright's first flight. The picture shows Murvin Wood, an early pilot, in front of the plane.


  1. A good movie to watch is "Fly Boys"
    It's about American boys who went to France to learn how to fly during WWI. Suppose to be a true story.

  2. Those guys were definitely the "bad boys" of their day.

    How dangerous that was. As a kid, I was always facsinated with Amelia Earhart.

    Her disappearance frightened me.

  3. I built a Bleriot monoplane model as a kid - I recall that it flew well.

    This was a famous plane because it was the first low wing airplane in production. It offered superior speed and capabilities relative to the high wing and bi/tri-plane models. Note the wire bracing system.


  4. Full suit under the coverhulls , what a classy time

  5. My Dad took flying lessons in the early '40s. I am not sure that he got to his final solo flight.

    My Mom made him quit because she was afraid he would end of perishing in a crash.