Friday, October 23, 2009

Yukon Miners

This picture was taken in 1897, and shows a group of Yukon Territory miners. I think this is a pretty slick boat they have, but it does look to be a little small to have them all stand up in. I would imagine the water would be pretty cold if the boat tipped over.


  1. Fascinating photo. It looks like there's snow on the hillside behind them.

    And, is there a stove at the left end of the boat in front of the sail.

    Where did they go if it rained?

  2. Great looking boat. Maybe homemade?
    The large sack in the stern seems
    to be pulling it to port. Whereas
    the bow is level.
    Could be their homeward bound with
    a sackful of gold.

  3. Whenever I see or hear the word "Yukon," I think of (and crave) potatoes.

    I'm a carb addict.

  4. looks ta me like they are waitin for the wind,,waters kinda flat,,

  5. I suspect the water is very cold without the boat tipping over. ;-)


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