Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visitor Appreciation Week

OK, this week I post pictures of your family that you send in. We kick off the week with this photo submitted by Kris S. It was taken in the late 1800's in Wyoming, and shows the family homestead. I found this picture particularly interesting, as it closely resembles the photos we posted last week from Nebraska. It looks as if it could have even been taken by the same photographer. I am curious what the large opening is on the right side of the home. It looks almost like a garage, but of course, this was long before cars. I wonder if perhaps the home was unfinished, or maybe it was a workshop.
DOMESTIC UPDATE: The baby chickens are growing up fast, and are really too big to have 10 in the little kiddy pool. I need to figure out today how to give them more space. The peacocks are doing well. Lovie is finally starting to warm up to Handsome Jack, but when I take the salad out to them each evening, she really gives him the evil eye and he runs out into the little back yard until the chickies have finished eating. The chickies are really getting big . . . almost as big as Lovie now. I think two of the chickies are male, and two are female. So, in the end, I think we will have 3 males, and 3 females, counting Lovie and Handsome Jack. It could get interesting as the flock grows next year. Not sure how many birds the peacock palace can accommodate. Hmmm . . . should I start selling the babies next year, or just let the flock expand?


  1. That is a strange looking house.
    There appears to be only one window, which they have most of it covered over It is almost looks like a shed of barn. It isn't very long (it is about 3 times the length as the man is tall) or very wide.
    On the end with the big opening looks like a hay loft opening above the large opening.
    The siding is not overlapped, so there would be gaps in it.
    No, I'm going to say it is a shed and barn combination

  2. If you enlarge the picture and look at the large side opening of the structure you can see hay bales stacked up, so I would definitely think this is a barn and quite possibly a stable area too.

  3. By the way, when you enlarge the photo you can clearly see a cat on the left side of the photo and a dog on the right side of the photo - just staring at each other with naked contempt. I'll bet they're having a dialogue something like this...

    Cat: "I want you to stay right there and DON'T MOVE."

    Dog: "Why"

    Cat: "Because I hate you."

    Dog: "Son of my mom! You make me so mad!

    Cat: "Why thank you, that was my intent!"

    Well, I'm pretty sure that is what they are saying.

  4. I was thinking it was a barn as well. Maybe the barn and home were one? I don't know But I LOVE the cat lol

  5. I'm going to vote with the barn/shed bandwagon. The building is not large, but that is not surprising if supplies are short. But since at least half of the building appears to filled with hay, that doesn't leave a lot of room for a family that large. I'm guessing the house is nearby and not pictured.

  6. To all, this is a pic of my family. I have no clue what the building is. The 2 boys on the right are twins, 13 yrs old. They were conceived when Great Grand Dad was 62, (old guy w/ the beard). He would be 75 yrs old in this pic. My Mom wonders how pets today cost so much. Back in those days, they lived on old bread and cows milk.

  7. Nice photo Anon. I love how all the men folk have their hats, except one of the twins and the way he has his hands behind his back his hat could be back there too.

  8. Can't be a house -- no chimney. No chimney, no cooking, no heat. Those two things sticking over the roof of this building are not chimneys.

  9. Careful you don't go the ostrich route and breed up something no one wants. I understand they are very edible, though.

    I can see a ranch with about fifty to a hunderd birds and PJM gradually changing careers for the bird business.....well, not really.

  10. No need to sell them: how about roast peacock with an orange glaze?

  11. You can see a large, flat shovel and broom propped up at the corner.

    That, plus the hay and the large opening spells 'stable' to me.

  12. My guess is it serves as home and barn. Not uncommon even today in parts of the world. Sleeping quarters upstairs in the loft.


  13. Sure looks like a barn with a house behind it.

  14. Great photo - it looks like a barn to me.

    Heather - you are SO right, and the cat always wins.

  15. perhaps it is a new building for them, an accomplishment, and so they decided to get their picture taken in front of it.