Thursday, October 8, 2009

Farm House

Today's picture was taken in 1889 at Coburgh Post Office in Custer County, Nebraska. The house in the background is very interesting, as it looks like they are in the process of putting the mud bricks on. I had pictured that these houses were build of mud bricks, but this picture shows that they have built a normal frame house, and then just add the bricks to the outside.

Thank you to those who have submitted family photos for our soon to come "Your Family Photo Week". Keep those pictures coming.


  1. I suppose that they were putting the mud bricks on the outside for insulation.
    I don't think a soddie could be built as a two story home.
    Notice how much wider it is at the bottom, and taper in some towards the top. That is like the photo from yesterday.
    The windmill blades are sure odd shaped.

  2. I think you are onto something about their building a frame home then adding the mud brick later. They would make very good insulation. Cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    Maybe the photo from Monday were they had a bunch fo sod cut, they were going to add another layer to their walls.
    With that tall of a home, I can see why they had to make it wider at the bottom to help support all the weight above

  3. And you would not have to paint either.
    Give yourself another YES vote.

  4. A response about the windmill blades. I wonder if the windmill was moving when the picture was taken and that caused the blades to look enlongated.

  5. I noticed that a prior photo also had those odd shaped blades

  6. It's a novel type of windmill that has 'blades' that self regulate themselves, or so they claimed. Given the rarity of them, it must not have been that effective - or it was not a good value for the money?

  7. i believe the wider bottom was also for support, and also for erosion, rain and wet ground would eat away at it very quickly,

  8. I also believe the odd looking windmill blades is due to the fact they moved during the exposure.

  9. i feel out of place posting this here, but as a suggestion for another week's worth of photos, i'd like to say border towns. i live in laredo, tx and have a compilation of photos both in laredo and nuevo laredo, mexico dated from the 1880's to the 1920s; including a very interesting one of the opening of an international bridge between the U.S. and Mexico in 1880. it contains the two nations' flags hung from the bridge as onlookers line the sides of the bridge, curious. anyway, please let me know if you're interested!

  10. amazing picture., looks really old...great shot.

  11. Another item is that the horses in the background are huge. There are many comments that could be made about this photo.

  12. The historic preservation place in Omaha is taking these old photos and blowing them up to find people standing in the windows and out back in the yards, things that went unnoticed before.
    What a lonely,impossibly hard life.
    The homesteader blood is still in me cause I have to do things my own way, like my ancestors,I bet.


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