Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shoe Shine in Savannah

Shoeshine week continues here at OPOD with this fine picture of a young shoe shine boy. The picture was taken in 1899 in Savannah (Do you like how I know how to spell Savannah?). It look like the boy's own shoes are in pretty bad shape.

Well, we lost another OPOD reader yesterday, as you know if you read the comments. I hate to say it, but sometimes I think you all are a bunch of whiners. Last week you were whining because I put a poll up and only gave you one choice. Since the answer was so obvious, I just thought I would save you a little time by just putting up one option. Then, this week, I give you three options, and still you complain. So, people get mad, and we lose another person. Actually, you know how I like contests. Sometimes I think to myself what poll question I could put up that would drive off the most people at one time. By doing this, we would be left with only the really interesting people . . . the few, the proud, the truly crazy.

P.S. Tomorrow I should have a MAJOR domestic update for you. This will be huge. Stay tuned.


  1. You got your tractor! What color is it?
    I don't understand what Peter was gripping about. It is common knowledge that Democrats love to spend other peoples money.
    They have a long history of that. When we get a Democrat for president and congress, they spend, spend , spend.

  2. The problem is not with the democrats, it is with the liberals. I'll never understand why democrats that are conservative as a rule, will vote for a liberal, just because he is a democrat, and republicans will vote for ultra right wing kooks, just because they are republican. The party affiliation should be banned from the ballot and the straight ticket lever removed from ballot boxes everywhere, not just a few places. Maybe then people would vote for the person that would represent the majority.

  3. nbhy, you must be in Texas where the Demos are a good bit more conservative. For most of the country though, I don't think that is true. Also, please not, there has never been an "ultra right wing kook" in the WH. That would make them a reactionary and the closest we had to that was Nixon and we all know what happened to him.

    Finally, I don't want a person to represent the majority. I vote for people to represent me! ;)

  4. Federal Government expenses as a percent of GDP rose under Bush 41, declined under Clinton, and rose under Bush 43. Since 1970, total discretionary spending as a dollar figure has declined once: 1996 under Clinton. Total discretionary spending as a percentage of GDP declined every year under Clinton; it rose under Bush 43 until 2006 and still remained higher than in all but the first two years of Clinton's presidency. Government spending is more complicated than Democrats spend and Republicans don't.

    Personally, I enjoy this site most when it is about old pictures and not other things.

  5. I enjoy the OPOD site no matter what is being talked about. But then, I'm not very thin skinned. I like talking politics, religion, whatever people want to talk about. The pictures are facinating, PJM's commentary is hilarious and always brings a smile to my face, although last Saturday he must have been under the weather...did anyone else notice he wasn't as witty and sarcastic? And, as an added bonus, I get to learn things about peacocks and chickens. GREAT SITE! Don't change a thing!

  6. It's a shame that Peter will be missing out on all the fun pictures! I didn't vote on the poll because I feel it should be qualified to say that taxes will go up for the people who actually pay them and make less than $200000 annually.

    I also haven't noticed any unwillingness by any presidency to spend spend spend, regardless of party affiliation. While the Democraps tend to "throw money at a problem" the Republicants tend to quietly appropriate billions for wars and military spending; all the while they refuse to allow term limits and consistently vote to give themselves raises while the rest of America is losing jobs. Politicians sicken me with their hypocrisy.

    I've got the song Get Rhythm by Johnny Cash in my head, thanks to the shoeshine pictures. I'll focus on that.

  7. I don't know why a guy who says he doesn't live in the USA would be offended over such a simple poll. Increased Government spending whether we agree with the expenditure or not, results in increased taxation. Where else does the money come from? The Govt can either print more paper or raise money via taxes, fines, levies, tarrifs, fees, etc. Whatever it's called, it means the government extracts money from the people. That's Econ 101.

  8. I'm with everyone else, what's Peter's problem? It's clearly humor and it's not used for any real purpose. You're not insulting anyone (besides the goverment, and no one likes the goverment anyway).
    Don't we still have free speech in this country? As long as you aren't hurting someone specific, I don't see the issue.

  9. The fact is that Republicans love to spend other people's money; however, they practice 'corporate welfare'.

    As Noam Chomsky notes, the U.S. has only one political party. That party has 2 factions.

    And Garrison Keillor stated that both sides of the aisle are like 2 trees having a tug-of-war.

    Too bad that your 'polls' were not seen for the value of their humor. We all have a right to our biases.

    I did not necessarily agree with your 'poll choices' but I had a blast reading them.

  10. That's the first time I ever heard a statement from Noam Chomsky that I agree with.
    My theory is that all politicians belong to one party: The Re-Election party.
    As someone said, the first priority of an elected official upon winning an election is to prepare to win the next election.

  11. Look forward to the domestic update PJM.
    I cannot believe Peter. He has his own choice and own opinions which he should share but to unsubscribe from this wonderful blog which provide so much entertainment and information is a bit extreme to say the least.
    I will be here as long as you keep this site up.

  12. "The fact is that Republicans love to spend other people's money."
    And other parties do not love to spend other people's money?!?!

    ALL politicians love to spend other people's money. The power shifts from one group to another and which ever group is in power spends money in ways designed to keep them in power. Not to benefit your or me but to maintain power. Then they get out of hand and the voters give the other party a chance and the cycle repeats itself.
    Anyone have a shoe shine anecdote?

  13. If I don't like the way our revered PJM frames a poll, I just don't vote on it. It's his sandbox after all. Frankly, I get so much out of this website, especially the Saturday morning history firedrills, that the poll is hardly worth mentioning. Anyone who is interested in history certainly ought not be thin skinned. History is not for the faint of heart.

    Now, I wait with baited breath to learn about the domestic update tomorrow morning. Hmmm. Shall we have a poll on what the news might be???

  14. And by the way, huzzah on getting up the complete run of Harper's Weekly covering the Civil War. An invaluable resource.

  15. Marie,
    Thank you for the kind words about getting the entire run of Harper's Weekly online. That one only took 6years to do. These pesky day jobs slow things down. I have more years I want to put up, but need to rest the eyes a little. The OCR software has a 99% accuracy, but that means there is a typo every two lines, so every word has to be proofed. I hope next summer to get another year online.

  16. Said it on the other post (although I joined the fray a little late): anyone who trusts any government completely is foolishly naive. "No matter who you elect, you still get a politician in office."


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